Clothing - Government-supplied Material

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Legal text for SACC item

  1. Government-supplied material (GSM) is the property of the Government of Canada. The Contractor is responsible for maintaining satisfactory records of the disposition of all GSM.
  2. The GSM described in the Contract must be used in the manufacture of the item(s) detailed in the Contract. Only the quantity of material stated in the Contract will be supplied by Canada without charge.
  3. If additional GSM is required for contract completion, it must be purchased from Canada at the unit price stated in the Contract, Applicable Taxes extra. The Contractor must send the request for additional material directly to the Contracting Authority at the address specified on page 1 of the Contract. The request must be accompanied by a certified cheque payable to the Receiver General for Canada. The material will be shipped to the Contractor, transportation charges collect.
  4. The Contractor agrees that with the exception of material required for the pre-production sample(s) that may be required in the contract, no GSM will be cut, used or processed until the Technical Authority has approved the pre-production samples and provided a written notice of acceptance. Damage incurred as a result of cutting GSM before acceptance of any pre-production sample(s) is the Contractor's responsibility.
  5. The Contractor must replace or make good, at its own expense, any items which fail to conform to the Contract requirements, as a result of faulty or inefficient cutting, manufacture or workmanship.
  6. In the event of problems with the GSM supplied, the Contractor must advise the Contracting Authority immediately, identifying the specific problem. If the Contractor proceeds without guidance from the Contracting Authority, any costs incurred and loss of GSM will be at the Contractor's expense.
  7. The Contractor must rebate Canada for the value of GSM applicable to any quantity not delivered under the Contract. The value will be calculated at the unit price and usage stated in the Contract.
  8. Upon completion of the total contract quantity, if there is GSM with a total value in excess of $250, the Contractor must either:
    1. return the material to the sender with transportation charges paid by Canada. The Contracting Authority must be contacted to make appropriate arrangements; or
    2. apply for an overrun to the contract quantity. Approval for an overrun will be provided under a contract amendment.
  9. Canada will not pay for work performed on any GSM that is damaged or lost while in the Contractor's care.
  10. The Contractor must not dispose of GSM and/or rejected units containing GSM without the written approval of the Contracting Authority. Transportation charges for the return of GSM where the Contract has not been satisfactorily completed will be at the Contractor's expense.