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Legal text for SACC item

REQUIREMENT: For the laundering of items as per appendix "A", on an "as and 
when requested" basis.

1.     Prices to include:

       (a)    Pick-up and delivery of garments.

       (b)    Minor repairs to be done automatically such as mending rips, 
              patching, sewing on buttons. Contractor to supply buttons and 
              patching materials.

2.     Garments requiring major repairs, or which are beyond repair, must 
       be identified as such by the Contractor and returned so identified 
       to the point of origin.

3.     Laundry shall be identified and parcelled, then returned on 
       specified day with proper identification.

4.     Accounting: The Contractor's delivery agent shall accept the client'
       s count of soiled garments, towels and sheets, which the agent may 
       check, and sign a delivery slip to be kept by the client. The 
       Contractor's delivery slips for cleaned items will be signed by the 

5.     Cleaning: The Contractor's shall clean garments, towels and sheets 
       by the usual commercial or any patented process to remove dirt, 
       grime, dust, grease or other usual industrial type of soil likely to 
       be encountered in a laboratory, workshop or ore dressing mill. 
       Garments and sheets must be neatly pressed and folded.

       Surgical garments must be rinsed in cold water and protein 
       dissolving substance to remove protein, blood, etc., before 

6.     Formula for all whites: The following sequence of operations shall 
       be used for washing of grease-laden undyed cotton clothing:

       OPERATION     SUPPLIES                    INCHES        TEMP.  TIME
                                                 OF WATER      (oF)   (MIN)

1)     Flush         N/A                         12            100    2

2)     Flush         N/A                         12            120    2

3)     Break         Liquid emulsifier
                     and alkali                  8             215*   12

4)     Flush         N/A                         12            180    3

5)     Suds          Soap plus alkali to
                     give good running suds      7             190    10

6)     Suds          Soap plus alkali to
                     give good running suds      7             190    8

7)     Suds          Bleach and soap to give
                     good running suds           7             160    8

8)     Rinse         N/A                         12            180    3

9)     Extract       N/A                         N/A           N/A    2

10)    Rinse  Water  N/A                         160           2

11)    Rinse  Water  N/A                         140           2 
12)    Rinse  Water  N/A                         140           2

13)    Rinse  Water  N/A                         120           2

14)    Rinse  Water  N/A                         100           2

15)    Sour Water, 
       sour (acid)   N/A                         100           5

* Boil with live steam.

Last three (3) rinses shall be checked for colour. If last rinses are not 
perfectly clear and free from supplies, additional rinses must be added 
before souring operation.