North Atlantic Treaty Organization Codification - Data Requirements

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Legal text for SACC item

  1. The Contractor must provide the Department of National Defence (DND), which is the National Codification Bureau (NCB) for Canada, sufficient technical data to permit the Director, Supply Chain Operations (DSCO) to classify, codify and describe new items being introduced into the Canadian Government Cataloguing System.
  2. Technical data for each item may include the manufacturer's engineering drawing (minimum level 2), standard, specification and/or data specification sheet (brochure). Regardless of which of these formats is provided, the data must clearly provide the following, as applicable:
    1. the name and address of the true manufacturer, or Design Control Authority;
    2. the manufacturer's unique part number;
    3. the physical characteristics (material, dimensions, tolerances);
    4. performance data (i.e. functional and operating requirements such as speed, load);
    5. electrical and/or electronic characteristics;
    6. mounting requirements;
    7. special features which contributed to the uniqueness of the item(s);
    8. the end item application; and, if applicable
    9. manufacturer's unique bar code number.
  3. Technical descriptive data are not required for items that are identified in a Canadian or United States government specification or in a Military Standard which completely describes the item.
  4. The Contractor is responsible for advising DND Technical Authority and the NCB (DSCO 5) of any proprietary data or restrictions imposed on the release of its technical data to government entities in Canada or abroad.
  5. In the event of disputes regarding the acceptability of technical data submitted by the Contractor, the ruling of the NCB (DSCO) must prevail.
  6. The Contractor is ultimately responsible, under the conditions of the Contract, for the provision of the technical data for all of the items identified in the Contract. The Contractor must include the terms of this clause in any subcontracts, to ensure the availability of the technical data to DND and the NCB (DSCO).
  7. For end items procured by the Contractor from a subcontractor or supplier, the Contractor must provide the name of the actual manufacturer and their unique identifying part number along with all necessary technical documentation, and their bar code number if available.
  8. The Contractor must submit all data to the DND Technical Authority at least sixty (60) days before delivery of the equipment. Items must not be released for shipment unless identified with a NATO Stock Number provided for in the Contract, or unless specifically authorized by the Contracting Authority.
  9. The Contractor must contact the DSCO for any further clarification of the codification technical data requirements at:
    National Defence Headquarters
    Mgen George R. Pearkes Building
    101 Colonel By Drive
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0K2
    Attention: Director Supply Chain Operations (DSCO)