Provisioning Parts Breakdown - Contract

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Item Information

Revision History

Date Status ID Title
2014-06-26 Active B4051C Provisioning Parts Breakdown - Contract (2014-06-26) B4051C
2008-05-12 Superseded B4051C ARCHIVED: Provisioning Parts Breakdown (2008-05-12) B4051C

Remarks – Recommended Use of SACC Item

Use the following clause in contracts for the Department of National Defence when a Provisioning Parts Breakdown is required.

Contracting officers must include the name of the Technical Authority and the Procurement Authority in the contract.

Use this clause in conjunction with B4060C and B4061C.

Legal text for SACC item

  1. The Contractor must, ______ days after the design of a deliverable is accepted by the Technical Authority, provide to the Procurement Authority a Provisioning Parts Breakdown (PPB) prepared in accordance with the current issue of Canadian Forces Specification D-01-100-214/SF0-000. Copies of all assembly level drawings and parts lists required to verify the complete and current configuration of the equipment must accompany the PPB. Upon request from the Contractor, the specification will be provided by the Contracting Authority.
  2. Supplementary Provisioning Technical Documentation (SPTD), as prepared by the actual manufacturer of the item, is required for the codification and cataloguing of all items listed in the PPB. The SPTD called up in the above specification must be supplied, as detailed in the specification, within twenty (20) working days after receipt of a request from the Director Supply Chain Operations (DSCO). Specific details of the data elements required must be listed on a Provisioning Documentation Selection Sheet, prepared in accordance with the above specification and the PPB, and be submitted in electronic ASCII text format.
  3. Final acceptance of the PPB and the SPTD will be made by DSCO. Questions regarding the preparation, format or contents of the above provisioning documentation must be directed to Procurement Authority.