General Conditions 2030ACB: Higher Complexity – Goods and General Conditions 2035ACB: Higher Complexity – Services for use in CanadaBuys (SAP Ariba)

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Item Information


The purpose of CanadaBuys Notification (CBN)-003 is to notify PWGSC Buyers that the following are now available:

  • General Conditions (GC) 2030ACB (AchatsCanadaBuys) for higher complexity goods requirements in CanadaBuys (SAP Ariba); and
  • General Conditions (GC) 2035ACB (AchatsCanadaBuys) for higher complexity services requirements in CanadaBuys (SAP Ariba).

Effective date

CBN-003 is effective immediately.


  • GC 2030ACB and GC 2035ACB are for use in CanadaBuys (SAP Ariba).
  • All references in the solicitation, including hyperlinks, to the SACC Manual 2030 – General Conditions: Higher Complexity Goods and 2035 – General Conditions: Services – Higher Complexity Services must be removed and replaced with a reference to GC 2030ACB and GC 2035ACB respectively.

Revisions to the Supply Manual

There are no revisions to the Supply Manual.

Revisions to the Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions (SACC) Manual

The GC 2030ACB and GC 2035ACB are now available on For more details, refer to the Affected SACC Manual sections listed below.

Revisions to the Standard Procurement Templates

There are no revisions to the Standard Procurement Templates.

Contact information

For support on assembly of solicitation documents in CanadaBuys (SAP Ariba), PWGSC Buyers are encouraged to contact the CanadaBuys Service Desk for assistance.

Enquiries related to CBN-003 and CanadaBuys (SAP Ariba) can be sent by email to the CanadaBuys Service Desk at Email us | CanadaBuys.

Questions related to the SACC Manual can be sent by email to the following address: