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  • GCSACC Manual itemLaundering
    REQUIREMENT: For the laundering of items as per appendix "A", on an "as and when requested" basis. 1. Prices to include: (a) Pick-up and delivery of garments. (b) Minor repairs to be done automatically such as mending rips, patching, sewing on buttons. ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemQuantity- Guarantee (85 percent)
    1. In consideration of Canada guaranteeing to accept 85 percent of the maximum quantity specified, the Contractor agrees: (a) to be ready during the period specified to supply to Canada the remaining 15 percent, and (b) to give to Canada an irrevocable ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemShortages, Issue Equip. Owned by Canada
    The Contractor shall conform to such Canadian Forces supply instructions as issued by the Technical Services Agency covering the demanding, handling, storage and maintaining of adequate records of contract issue stores owned by Canada. Notice of any ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemInstructions to Bidders
    ANY RESULTING CONTRACT WILL CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING CLAUSES: In the event the Contractor fails to perform the work in accordance with the specifications and if this failure is not corrected within two (2) working days or if the same complaint is made twice ...
  • GCSACC Manual item
    Public Works and Travaux publics et Services Government Services Canada gouvernementaux Canada Deputy Minister Sous-ministre Deputy Receiver General Sous-receveur général for Canada du Canada Ottawa, Canada K1A 0S5 September 15, 1997 This Manual is ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemSupplies- Cost Reimbursement
    Public Works and Government Services Canada 01 Interpretation 02 Powers of Minister 03 Assignment and Subletting 04 Discounts 05 Conduct of the Work 06 Specifications, Drawings, etc. 07 Inspection 08 Title and Acceptance 09 Warranty 10 Government Issue 11 ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemGeneral Conditions- Goods or Services (Medium Complexity)
    Public Works and Government Services Canada 01 Interpretation 02 Standard Clauses and Conditions 03 Status of the Contractor 04 Conduct of the Work 05 Subcontracts 06 Excusable Delay 07 Inspection, Acceptance and Warranty 08 Invoice Submission 09 Taxes 10 ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemGeneral Conditions- Translation
    Public Works and Government Services Canada 01 Interpretation 02 Powers of the Minister 03 Status of the Contractor 04 Amendments 05 Conduct of the Work 06 Inspection of the Work 07 Compliance with Applicable Laws 08 Subcontracting 09 Replacement of ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemShipbuilding- Cost Reimbursement
    1033 00 (2004-12-10) Shipbuilding- Cost Reimbursement Public Works and Government Services Canada 01 Interpretation 02 Sources of Labour 03 Supervision and Conduct of Work 04 Inspector Final Judge of Work, Materials, etc. 05 Re-execution of Inferior Work ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemPurchase of Commercially Available Goods and Services Under $25,000
    9628 Purchase of Commercially Available Goods and Services and Services under $25,000 1. In the Contract, unless the context otherwise requires, "Canada", "Crown","Her Majesty" or "the Government"means Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada; "Contract" ...

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