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  • GCSACC Manual itemGeneral Conditions- Medium Form
    9601-10 00 (2004-12-10) General Conditions- Medium Form Public Works and Government Services Canada 01 Interpretation 02 Status of the Contractor 03 Amendments and Waivers 04 Conduct of the Work 05 Compliance with Applicable Laws 06 Assignment 07 Time of ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemPurchase of Commercially Available Goods and Services
    Public Works and Government Services Canada 01 Interpretation 02 Warranties 03 Title, Acceptance and Risk 04 Payment 05 Default and Bankruptcy 06 Termination 07 No Bribe, etc. 08 Members of the House of Commons 09 Changes to Taxes and Duties 10 Time of ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemGeneral Conditions- Long Form
    9329-1 01 (06/91) Interpretation (1) In the Contract, (a) "Canada", "Crown" or "Her Majesty", means Her Majesty in right of Canada; (b) "Contract" means these General Conditions, the agreement to which these are attached, and every other document ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemUniversities and other Institutions
    1053 00 (01/12/00) Universities and Other Institutions Public Works and Government Services Canada 01 Interpretation 02 Powers of Minister 03 Assignment and Subcontracting 04 Conduct of Work 05 Crown Property 06 Publication Rights 07 Ownership of Patents ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemRental and Maintenance of ADP Systems
    1278 01 (06/91) Interpretation (1) Unless the context otherwise requires, (a) "agreement" means the particular contract for a data processing system of which these general conditions are a part, and of which supplemental general conditions, specifications ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemServices
    9076 00 (01/12/92) Services Supply and Services Canada 01 Interpretation 02 Agreement for Services 03 Powers of the Minister 04 Assignment and Subcontracting 05 Conduct of Work 06 Time of Essence 07 Crown Property 08 Conditions Precedent to Payment 09 ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemResearch and Development
    9224 00 (01/12/92) Research and Development Supply and Services Canada 01 Interpretation 02 Powers of the Minister 03 Status of the Contractor 04 Entire Agreement 05 Replacement of Personnel 06 Access to Work 07 Inspection 08 Warranty by Contractor 09 ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemConstruction- Fixed Price and Unit Prices
    1034 00 (2005-12-16) Construction- Fixed Price and Unit Prices Public Works and Government Services Canad a 01 Interpretation 02 Successors and Assigns 03 Assignment of Contract 04 Subcontracting by Contractor 05 Description of Work All-inclusive 06 No ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemUnited States Purchases
    1011A 00 (01/12/00) United States Purchases Public Works and Government Services Canada 01 Interpretation 02 Progress Reports 03 Alterations of Patterns, Drawings 04 Inspection 05 Packing 06 Invoices, Shipping Documents 07 Risk of Loss and Damage 08 ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemSupplies- Firm Price
    1026-S100A 01 (06/91) Interpretation (1) Unless the context otherwise requires, (a) "the agreement" means the particular agreement or contract of which, in each specific case, these general conditions are made a part; (b) "the contract" includes the ...

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