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  • GCSACC Manual itemStandard Instructions and Conditions
    A. INSTRUCTIONS (APPLICABLE TO BID SOLICITATION) 1. Submission of Bids (1) It is the Bidder's responsibility to: (a) return a signed original of the bid solicitation, duly completed, IN THE FORMAT REQUESTED; (b) direct its bid ONLY to the Bid Receiving ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemNotice to Suppliers
    1. Bidder's Responsibility The bidder has the sole responsibility for the timely receipt of a bid by the Department of Supply and Services (DSS). The bidder cannot transfer such responsibility to the government. Bids are to be directed only to the bid ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemGeneral Conditions- Minor Works
    Public Works and Government Services Canada GC 01 Definition of Terms GC 02 Assignment and Subcontracting GC 03 Members of House of Commons and Former Public Office Holders GC 04 Indemnification GC 05 Property of Her Majesty GC 06 Applicable Laws GC 07 ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemGeneral Conditions
    A GENERAL PROVISIONS A1 Definitions Average Bank Rate means the simple arithmetic mean of the Bank Rate in effect at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time each day during the calendar month which immediately precedes the calendar month in which payment is made. ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemSupply Arrangement Reporting
    The Supplier must compile and maintain records on its provision of goods, services or both to the federal government under contracts resulting from the Supply Arrangement. This data must include all purchases paid for by a Government of Canada Acquisition ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemStandard Construction Contract-Synopsis
    Public Works and Government Services Canada The following standard documents were previously posted on the OBS/MERX electronic bulletin board and became effective for major works construction projects advertised on and after August 12, 1996: 1. Standard ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemGeneral Conditions "C"
    Public Works and Government Services Canada GC 1 Interpretation GC 2 Successors and Assigns GC 3 Assignment of Contract GC 4 Subcontracting by Contractor GC 5 Amendments GC 6 No Implied Obligations GC 7 Time of the Essence GC 8 Indemnification by ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemDispute Resolution- Conditions "G"
    Public Works and Government Services Canada DR 01 Interpretation DR 02 Consultation and Co-operation DR 03 Authority of Engineer DR 04 Negotiation DR 05 Mediation DR 06 Binding Arbitration DR 07 Disputes Not Subject to Arbitration DR 08 Confidentiality DR ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemGC5- Terms of Payment
    GC5.1 (2003-05-30) Fees 1. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, and in consideration for the performance of the Services, Canada shall pay to the Consultant a sum of money calculated in accordance with the provisions herein. 2. The ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemCalculation of Fees
    1. Fee Arrangement(s) for Basic Services The basic fee to be paid to the Consultant for the Basic Services described herein, shall be determined by one or more of the following arrangements: (a) Percentage Fee The calculation of the total basic fee ...

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