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  • GCSACC Manual itemPayment Period
    1. Canada's standard payment period is thirty (30) days. The payment period is measured from the date an invoice in acceptable form and content is received in accordance with the Contract or the date the Work is delivered in acceptable condition as ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemInsurance Requirements
    The Carrier shall obtain and keep in force, during the term of the Contract and any renewal thereof, not less than the minimum insurance coverage as set forth in the Air Transportation Regulations Sections 6, 7 and 8. Such insurance is to be effected in ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemProof of Coverage
    Immediately upon notification of award of contract, the selected Contractor will provide the Crown with a certificate of insurance from the insurer, stating that the required insurance is in effect, that the Crown has been named as an additional insured ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemInsurance Requirements
    The Contractor shall, at its own expense, provide and maintain during the full term of the Contract the following insurances as applicable: (a) Comprehensive General Liability: The limit of liability shall be for Bodily Injury and Property Damage and NOT ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemInsurance Requirements
    1. The Contractor shall not operate a domestic service or an international service unless, for every incident related to the operation of that service, it has; a) liability insurance covering risks of injury to or death of passengers in an amount that is ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemDocument Safeguard for Shredding- Designated
    1. The attached Security Requirements Check List (SRCL) identifies the security requirements for the destruction of DESIGNATED information at the PROTECTED A and B levels using approved shredding equipment on the Contractor's premises. 2. The client ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemTest Reports- Non-safety Critical Items
    If Class 3 Threaded Fasteners are being provided as a requirement of the Contract, then the Contractor shall provide to the Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) a valid inspection/test report of the results obtained for the following parameters: a. "go" ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemAQAP-150 Software Development (QAC F)
    In the performance of the Work described herein, the Contractor shall comply with the following: AQAP-150-- NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Software Development, published by NATO, current edition at date of submission of Contractor's bid. Use the ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemQuality Systems/Inspection
    In the performance of the Work described herein, the Contractor shall comply with the quality system requirements identified in the Contract which correspond to the Quality Assurance Codes (QACs) listed on the continuation sheets. D5530D- Verification at ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemSupplies- Firm Price
    Public Works and Government Services Canada 01 Interpretation 02 Powers of Minister 03 Assignment and Subletting 04 Conduct of the Work 05 Specifications, Drawings, etc. 06 Inspection 07 Title and Acceptance 08 Warranty 09 Government Issue 10 Conditions ...

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