Pay the Contractor

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No payment, other than a progress payment, may be made to a contractor under a contract unless you have certification that:

  • the work has been performed;
  • the goods were supplied or the service rendered, and
  • the price charged is according to the contract or, if not specified by the contract, is reasonable.

When a payment is to be made before the completion of the work, delivery of the goods or rendering of the service, the payment must be in accordance with the contract.

In the event that a payment is late, the interest amount owing is calculated in accordance with the Treasury Board Directive on Payment Requisition and Cheque Control and the Receiver General Payment on Due Date (PODD) Interest Rate.

For more information on contract payments and interest calculations, please see the PWGSC Supply Manual, Chapter 8: Section 8.25 Contract Payments and Section 8.45 Interest.