Supply Arrangement - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: Are there specific dates to submit an arrangement to become qualified on the supply arrangement?

A1: No, the request for supply arrangement (RFSA) is open perpetually. Please contact the contracting authority for a copy of the documents.

Q2: How much work are suppliers guaranteed once they qualify on the supply arrangement?

A2: There is no minimum guarantee of work. Tenders will be sent directly to pre-qualified suppliers whenever disposal work is required for them to bid on each procurement individually.

Q3: How do I know if my organization has the qualifications to become a supply arrangement holder?

A3: Each request for supply arrangement (RFSA) lists the mandatory evaluation criteria that organizations must meet in order to qualify. If you have questions regarding the criteria, or questions on how to compile your arrangement documents, please contact the contracting authority directly.

Q4: How long are the supply arrangements issued for?

A4: Supply arrangements are issued for a period of five years, and may be amended to be extended for an additional five years as well. Supply arrangements may be refreshed or revised within these five year periods to ensure Canada is incorporating any relevant policy changes or industry best practices.

Q5: When do interested companies need to have insurance requirements listed in the request for supply arrangement (RFSA) in place?

A5: To become pre-qualified, we only require a letter from your insurance provider stating that your organization can obtain the required insurance. Once an organization is pre-qualified and begins receiving tenders, the insurance requirements must be in place prior to being awarded a contract for any disposal projects.