National Procurement Strategy to Address Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels

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In July 2019, the Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act came into force to promote the protection of the public, of the environment (including coastlines and shorelines) and of infrastructure by, among other things:

  • regulating wrecks and vessels posing hazards
  • prohibiting vessel abandonment
  • recognizing the responsibility and liability of owners for their vessels

Under the National Procurement Strategy to Address Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels, Canada will set up supply arrangements and/or standing offers with qualified suppliers for services that could be required by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans – the Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada related to the Wrecked, abandoned or hazardous vessels project.

These procurement tools will streamline processes to solicit bids and award contracts and create flexibility for Industry and Canada alike in managing ongoing requirements.

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