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  • GCStanding Offers/Supply Arrangements 9345540 CANADA INC (CW2249821-ACM_156056576)
    Temporary Help Services (Personnel Recruitment). Legacy agreement: RENAUD CONSULTING IM/IT SERVICES (EN578-172870/296/ZN).
    Supplier Legal Name
    9345540 Canada Inc
    UNSPSC description
    80110000: Human resources services
    80111600: Temporary personnel services
    Agreement number
    End User
    Public Works and Government Services Canada
    Region of delivery
    National Capital Region
  • GCStanding Offers/Supply Arrangements EGE CONSULTANT 9356-1991 QUéBEC INC (CW2243144-ACM_177014355)
    E60PV-19EQUI-045-PV - Lab and Sci Equipment - EGE Consultant 9356-1991 Québec Inc
    Supplier Legal Name
    EGE CONSULTANT 9356-1991 Québec Inc
    UNSPSC description
    41100000: Laboratory and scientific equipment
    39121000: Power conditioning equipment
    41110000: Measuring and observing and testing instruments
    41120000: Laboratory supplies and fixtures
    42281500: Autoclave and sterilizer equipment and accessories
    Agreement number
    End User
    Public Works and Government Services Canada
    Region of delivery
  • GCTable of contentsSupply Manual
    The Supply Manual- Version 2023-2, effective date 2023-06-08, contains policies and procedures, as well as references to acts and directives, for the procurement of goods, services and construction. It is intended primarily for the use of Public Works and ...
  • GCContent pageSupply Manual Synopsis
    The Supply Manual synopsis is a summary of the changes that were introduced in the latest version of the Supply Manual. The synopsis is identified by a version number consisting of four digits representing the calendar year and a sequence number. For ...
  • GCSupply Manual sectionGeneral information on Modern treaties (Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements)
    Modern treaties, also known as Comprehensive Land Claim Agreements (CLCAs), are typically tripartite, including Indigenous organizations or nations, the Crown, and provincial/territorial governments as signatories. They provide clarity and predictability ...
  • GCSupply Manual sectionYukon
    Umbrella Final Agreement – Council for Yukon Indians (1993): This agreement provides a framework for the negotiation of agreements with Yukon First Nations and has so far resulted in the eleven CLCAs listed below. The general contracting obligations of ...
  • GCSupply Manual sectionSupply Manual Glossary
    glossary terms starting with the letter A glossary terms starting with the letter B glossary terms starting with the letter C glossary terms starting with the letter D glossary terms starting with the letter E glossary terms starting with the letter F ...
  • GCSupply Manual sectionAnnex: Notification of Procurement to Modern Treaty (Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements) Claimant Groups
    (See 9.35.35 Notification of Procurement) British Columbia Maa-nulth First Nations Final Agreement Maa-Nulth First Nations 5091 Tsumas-as Drive Port Alberni, British Columbia V9Y 8X9, Canada Phone: 1-250-724-1802 Fax: 1-250-724-1852 Email: info@maanulth ...
  • GCContent pageSupply Manual Synopsis Archive
    This section contains previous Supply Manual synopses. The synopses are summaries of the changes to each version of the Supply Manual that took effect on their release date. Many of the changes were made through Policy Notifications. Each synopsis is ...
  • GCSACC Manual itemQuality assurance authority (Department of National Defence): Canadian-based contractor
    All work is subject to Government Quality Assurance performed at the Contractor's or subcontractor's facility, and at the installation site, by the Director of Quality Assurance, or its designated Quality Assurance Representative (QAR). Director of ...

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