Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving and Components

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GSIN Description
Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving and Components
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Engines, Turbines and Components
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
N2840 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving and Components
N2840A Allison Gas Turbine Engines
N2840B Gas Turbine Engines
N2840C General Electric Gas Turbine Engines
N2840D Lycoming Gas Turbine Engines
N2840E Jet Engine
N2840G General Electric J85-CAN-15/40 Jet Engine
N2840AAA Afterburners
N2840ABA Blades, Compressor Rotor
N2840ABB Blades, Turbine Rotor
N2840ACA Carriers, Planetary Reduction Gear
N2840ACB Cases, Axial Compressor
N2840ACC Cases, Centrifugal Compressor
N2840ACD Cases, Combustion Chamber
N2840ACE Cases, Diffuser
N2840ACF Cases, Turbine Rotor
N2840ACG Case and Nozzles
N2840ACH Chamber, Combustion
N2840ACI Compressor, Axial
N2840ACK Compressor Rotors, Axial
N2840ACL Compressor Rotors, Axial-Centrifugal
N2840ACM Compressor Rotors, Centrifugal
N2840ACO Cones, Exhaust
N2840ADA Disks, Axial Compressor
N2840ADB Disks, Turbine
N2840ADC Disk and Hubs, Axial-Centrifugal Compressor
N2840ADD Disk and Hubs, Turbine
N2840ADE Disk and Hubs Exhaust
N2840ADH Ducts, Exhaust
N2840AFA Fan, Drive Shaft
N2840AFB Fan, Rotor
N2840AFC Flameholders, Afterburners
N2840AFE Flaps, Exhaust Nozzles
N2840AGA Gearboxes, Accessory Drive
N2840AHA Housings, Antifriction Bearing
N2840AHB Housings, Gearbox
N2840AHC Housings, Oil Pump
N2840AHD Housings, Reduction Gear
N2840AHF Hubs, Compressor Rotor
N2840AHG Hubs, Turbine
N2840AIA Insulation Blankets, Thermal
N2840AMA Manifold, Bleed
N2840ANA Nozzles, Exhaust
N2840ANB Nozzles, Lubricating
N2840ANC Nozzles, Turbine
N2840APA Power Take Off Assembly
N2840APC Pumps, Oil
N2840ASA Shafts, Turbine
N2840ASB Shields, Heat
N2840ASD Stator, Compressor
N2840ASE Stator, Turbine
N2840ATA Tanks, Lubricating Oil
N2840AVA Vanes, Compressor
N2840AVB Vanes, Turbine Nozzle
N2840AVC Vane Assemblies, Stator
N2840AWA Weights, Counterbalance
N2840BAA Afterburners
N2840BBA Blades, Compressor Rotor
N2840BBB Blades, Turbine Rotor
N2840BCA Carriers, Planetary Reduction Gear
N2840BCB Cases, Axial Compressor
N2840BCC Cases, Centrifugal Compressor
N2840BCD Cases, Combustion Chamber
N2840BCE Cases, Diffuser
N2840BCF Cases, Turbine Rotor
N2840BCG Case and Nozzles
N2840BCH Chamber, Combustion
N2840BCJ Compressor, Axial
N2840BCK Compressor Rotors, Axial
N2840BCL Compressor Rotors, Axial-Centrifugal
N2840BCM Compressor Rotors, Centrifugal
N2840BCO Cones, Exhaust
N2840BDA Disks, Axial Compressor
N2840BDB Disks, Turbine
N2840BDC Disk and Hubs, Axial-Centrifugal Compressor
N2840BDD Disk and Hubs, Turbine
N2840BDE Disk and Hubs Exhaust
N2840BDH Ducts, Exhaust
N2840BFA Fan, Drive Shaft
N2840BFB Fan, Rotor
N2840BFD Flameholders, Afterburners
N2840BFE Flaps, Exhaust Nozzles
N2840BGA Gearboxes, Accessory Drive
N2840BHA Housings, Antifriction Bearing
N2840BHB Housings, Gearbox
N2840BHC Housings, Oil Pump
N2840BHD Housings, Reduction Gear
N2840BHF Hubs, Compressor Rotor
N2840BHG Hubs, Turbine
N2840BIA Insulation Blankets, Thermal
N2840BMA Manifold, Bleed
N2840BNA Nozzles, Exhaust
N2840BNB Nozzles, Lubricating
N2840BNC Nozzles, Turbine
N2840BPA Power Take Off Assembly
N2840BPC Pumps, Oil
N2840BSA Shafts, Turbine
N2840BSC Shields, Heat
N2840BSD Stator, Compressor
N2840BSE Stator, Turbine
N2840BTA Tanks, Lubricating Oil
N2840BVA Vanes, Compressor Stator
N2840BVB Vanes, Turbine Nozzle
N2840BVC Vane Assemblies, Stator
N2840BWA Weights, Counterbalance
N2840CAA Afterburners
N2840CBA Blades, Compressor Rotor
N2840CBC Blades, Turbine Rotor
N2840CCA Carriers, Planetary Reduction Gear
N2840CCB Cases, Axial Compressor
N2840CCC Cases, Centrifugal Compressor
N2840CCD Cases, Combustion Chamber
N2840CCE Cases, Diffuser
N2840CCF Cases, Turbine Rotor
N2840CCG Case and Nozzles
N2840CCH Chamber, Combustion
N2840CCJ Compressor, Axial
N2840CCK Compressor Rotors, Axial
N2840CCL Compressor Rotors, Axial-Centrifugal
N2840CCM Compressor Rotors, Centrifugal
N2840CCO Cones, Exhaust
N2840CDA Disks, Axial Compressor
N2840CDB Disks, Turbine
N2840CDC Disk and Hubs, Axial-Centrifugal Compressor
N2840CDD Disk and Hubs, Turbine
N2840CDE Disk and Hubs, Exhaust
N2840CDH Ducts, Exhaust
N2840CFA Fan, Drive Shaft
N2840CFB Fan, Rotor
N2840CFD Flameholders, Afterburners
N2840CFF Flaps, Exhaust Nozzles
N2840CGA Gearboxes, Accessory Drive
N2840CHA Housings, Antifriction Bearing
N2840CHB Housings, Gearbox
N2840CHC Housings, Oil Pump
N2840CHD Housings, Reduction Gear
N2840CHF Hubs, Compressor Rotor
N2840CHG Hubs, Turbine
N2840CIA Insulation Blankets, Thermal
N2840CMA Manifold, Bleed
N2840CNA Nozzles, Exhaust
N2840CNB Nozzles, Lubricating
N2840CNC Nozzles, Turbine
N2840CPA Power Take Off Assembly
N2840CPC Pumps, Oil
N2840CSA Shafts, Turbine
N2840CSC Shields, Heat
N2840CSD Stator, Compressor
N2840CSE Stator, Turbine
N2840CTA Tanks, Lubricating Oil
N2840CVA Vanes, Compressor Stator
N2840CVB Vanes, Turbine Nozzle
N2840CVC Vane Assemblies, Stator
N2840CWA Weights, Counterbalance
N2840DAA Afterburners
N2840DBA Blades, Compressor Rotor
N2840DBB Blades, Turbine Rotor
N2840DCA Carriers, Planetary Reduction Gear
N2840DCB Cases, Axial Compressor
N2840DCC Cases, Centrifugal Compressor
N2840DCD Case, Combustion Chamber
N2840DCE Cases, Diffuser
N2840DCF Cases, Turbine Rotor
N2840DCG Case and Nozzles
N2840DCH Chamber, Combustion
N2840DCJ Compressor, Axial
N2840DCK Compressor Rotors, Axial
N2840DCL Compressor Rotors, Axial-Centrifugal
N2840DCM Compressor Rotors, Centrifugal
N2840DCO Cones, Exhaust
N2840DDA Disks, Axial Compressor
N2840DDB Disks, Turbine
N2840DDC Disk and Hubs, Axial-Centrifugal Compressor
N2840DDD Disk and Hubs, Turbine
N2840DDE Disk and Hubs Exhaust
N2840DDH Ducts, Exhaust
N2840DFA Fan, Drive Shaft
N2840DFB Fan, Rotor
N2840DFD Flameholders, Afterburners
N2840DFF Flaps, Exhaust Nozzles
N2840DGA Gearboxes, Accessory Drive
N2840DHA Housings, Antifriction Bearing
N2840DHB Housings, Gearbox
N2840DHC Housings, Oil Pump
N2840DHD Housings, Reduction Gear
N2840DHF Hubs, Compressor Rotor
N2840DHG Hubs, Turbine
N2840DIA Insulation Blanket, Thermal
N2840DMA Manifold, Bleed
N2840DNA Nozzles, Exhaust
N2840DNB Nozzles, Lubricating
N2840DNC Nozzles, Turbine
N2840DPA Power Take Off Assembly
N2840DPC Pumps, Oil
N2840DSA Shafts, Turbine
N2840DSC Shields, Heat
N2840DSE Stator, Compressor
N2840DSF Stator, Turbine
N2840DTA Tanks, Lubricating Oil
N2840DVA Vanes, Compressor Stator
N2840DVB Vanes, Turbine Nozzles
N2840DVD Vane Assemblies, Stator
N2840DWA Weights, Counterbalance
N2840EAA Afterburners
N2840EBA Blades, Compressor Rotor
N2840EBB Blades Turbine Rotor
N2840ECA Carriers, Planetary Reduction Gear
N2840ECB Cases, Axial Compressor
N2840ECC Cases, Centrifugal Compressor
N2840ECD Cases, Combustion Chamber
N2840ECE Cases, Diffuser
N2840ECF Cases, Turbine Rotor
N2840ECG Case and Nozzles
N2840ECH Chamber, Combustion
N2840ECJ Compressor, Axial
N2840ECK Compressor Rotors, Axial
N2840ECL Compressor Rotors, Axial-Centrifugal
N2840ECM Compressor Rotors, Centrifugal
N2840ECO Cones, Exhaust
N2840EDA Disks, Axial Compressor
N2840EDB Disks, Turbine
N2840EDC Disk and Hubs, Axial-Centrifugal Compressor
N2840EDD Disk and Hubs, Turbine
N2840EDE Disk and Hubs, Exhaust
N2840EDG Ducts, Exhaust
N2840EFA Fan, Drive Shaft
N2840EFB Fan, Rotor
N2840EFD Flameholders, Afterburners
N2840EFF Flaps, Exhaust Nozzles
N2840EGA Gearboxes, Accessory Drive
N2840EHA Housings, Antifriction Bearing
N2840EHB Housings, Gearbox
N2840EHC Housings, Oil Pump
N2840EHD Housings, Reduction Gear
N2840EHF Hubs, Compressor Rotor
N2840EHG Hubs, Turbine
N2840EIA Insulation Blankets, Thermal
N2840EMA Manifold, Bleed
N2840ENA Nozzles, Exhaust
N2840ENB Nozzles, Lubricating
N2840ENC Nozzles, Turbine
N2840EPA Power Take Off Assembly
N2840EPC Pumps, Oil
N2840ESA Shafts, Turbine
N2840ESC Shields, Heat
N2840ESE Stator, Compressor
N2840ESF Stator, Turbine
N2840ETA Tanks, Lubricating Oil
N2840EVA Vanes, Compressor Stator
N2840EVB Vanes, Turbine Nozzle
N2840EVD Vane Assemblies, Stator
N2840EWA Weights, Counterbalance
N2840GAA Afterburners
N2840GBA Blades, Compressor Rotor
N2840GBB Blades, Turbine Rotor
N2840GCA Carriers, Planetary Reduction Gear
N2840GCB Cases, Axial Compressor
N2840GCC Cases, Centrifugal Compressor
N2840GCD Cases, Combustion Chamber
N2840GCE Cases, Diffuser
N2840GCF Cases, Turbine Rotor
N2840GCG Case and Nozzles
N2840GCH Chamber, Combustion
N2840GCK Compressor Rotors, Axial
N2840GCL Compressor, Axial
N2840GCM Compressor Rotors, Centrifugal
N2840GCO Cones, Exhaust
N2840GDA Disks, Axial Compressor
N2840GDB Disks, Turbine
N2840GDC Disk and Hubs, Axial-Centrifugal Compressor
N2840GDD Disk and Hubs, Turbine
N2840GDE Disk and Hubs Exhaust
N2840GDG Ducts, Exhaust
N2840GFA Fan, Drive Shaft
N2840GFB Fan, Rotor
N2840GFD Flameholders, Afterburners
N2840GFF Flaps, Exhaust Nozzles
N2840GGA Gearboxes, Accessory Drive
N2840GHA Housings, Antifriction Bearing
N2840GHB Housings, Gearbox
N2840GHC Housings, Oil Pump
N2840GHD Housings, Reduction Gear
N2840GHF Hubs, Compressor Rotor
N2840GHG Hubs, Turbine
N2840GIA Insulation Blankets, Thermal
N2840GMA Manifold, Bleed
N2840GNA Nozzles, Exhaust
N2840GNB Nozzles, Lubricating
N2840GNC Nozzles, Turbine
N2840GPA Power Take Off Assembly
N2840GPC Pumps, Oil
N2840GSA Shafts, Turbine
N2840GSC Shields, Heat
N2840GSE Stator, Compressor
N2840GSF Stator, Turbine
N2840GTA Tanks, Lubricating Oil
N2840GVA Vanes, Compressor Stator
N2840GVB Vanes, Turbine Nozzle
N2840GVD Vane Assemblies, Stator
N2840GWA Weights, Counterbalance

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