Benefits of Smart Procurement

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Smart Procurement allows Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) to meet shifting expectations both from our Government of Canada clients and industry. It allows procurement to be about more than just buying goods and services.

The four elements of the Smart Procurement approach are: Early Engagement, Effective Governance, Independent Advice, and Benefits for Canadians. Read about these elements in the About Smart Procurement page.

Benefits for Canadians

Economic Growth

Procurement in Canada is an important driver of economic growth. Smart Procurement helps the Government of Canada meet its goal of getting the best value for taxpayer money.

Socioeconomic Benefits

The Government has developed an improved bid selection process that considers the potential benefits for Canadians in order to leverage taxpayer dollars for the socioeconomic benefit of the country. Smart Procurement ensures the following considerations are accounted for in procurement processes:

  • Aboriginal considerations,
  • Canadian content,
  • environmental sustainability,
  • industrial and technological benefits,
  • innovation, and
  • small and medium enterprises.

Transparency & Enhanced Competitiveness

Early Engagement at the very beginning of a procurement process with both Government of Canada clients and suppliers means Canadians can expect innovation in Canada, increased transparency throughout the process, and enhanced competitiveness in Canada. This is achieved by having better and continuous conversations between industry representatives, clients, and PWGSC in order obtain feedback on how to incorporate and leverage benefits for Canadians in procurements.

The use of objective, independent advice and effective governance structures in procurement helps to ensure the credibility, transparency, and fairness of government procurement processes.

Benefits for Businesses

Greater Involvement

Suppliers can expect greater involvement in the procurement process. Using the Smart Procurement approach of Early engagement, suppliers will be asked for their expertise before a requirement is identified. This will be achieved through an increased number of industry days, one-on-one supplier consultations, and other engagement activities.

Increased Opportunities

Changes in bid evaluation process to encourage benefits for Canadians means increased opportunities for Aboriginal business, small and medium enterprises, environmentally sustainable industries, and many others to conduct business with the government of Canada.

Increased Transparency

The use of effective governance structures in procurement contributes to the successful planning and oversight of activities and resources. Setting the proper ground rules with all stakeholders involved in the procurement process will allow for effective management of procurement decisions. Effective governance increases accountability, fairness, openness, responsibility, and transparency facilitates risk mitigation.

Also, suppliers can expect a fairer, more transparent procurement process with the enhanced used of independent oversight in procurement. We encourage the use of independent advice where warranted to validate decisions and help mitigate risk.

Benefits for Government

Better procurement solutions and prices

Through Early engagement with PWGSC and suppliers, clients are better suited to understand what the industry can offer in order to make more informed decisions. Early engagement provides an opportunity for clients to fully understand the current industry landscape, leverage market expertise and capitalize on innovation solutions which can ultimately save time and money.

Enhanced risk management

PWGSC also works with clients to establish effective governance mechanisms. This will generate greater transparency and enhance risk management within government organizations. In cases where objective advice or oversight is required to ensure greater openness, fairness, and transparency in procurement process, PWGSC will work with clients at the beginning and throughout the procurement process to help facilitate independent advice, including the use of a Fairness Monitor. Using independent advice where warranted can help to validate assumptions and decisions, which will ultimately mitigate risk.

Value for Money

By considering benefits for Canadians at the beginning of the procurement process with the support of PWGSC, client departments will be able to leverage their spend on procurements to the benefit of the country. PWGSC, with clients, will engage early with industry to develop elements such as Value PropositionThe information is only accessible to federal government department and agency employees. criteria and bid evaluation frameworksThe information is only accessible to federal government department and agency employees., incorporate these elements mutually into an RFP, and evaluate and assess bids from industry to leverage taxpayer dollars for economic growth.