Practitioner’s Guide for Procurement Pricing

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Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) has further developed the Practitioner’s Guide for Procurement Pricing (“The Guide”).

The Guide is intended to inform those involved in Government of Canada contracting of the required steps and factors to be considered in making procurement pricing decisions, including aligning the pricing with the overall procurement strategy, objectives and priorities.

The development of the Guide was divided into three phases which are now complete and have been incorporated into one master document, the Practitioner’s Guide for Procurement Pricing.

Supporting documents:

The research to revise the guidance involved broad stakeholder consultations and international benchmarking against practices employed by other jurisdictions. Key messages learned from the consultations, research, and benchmarking have been incorporated into the Guide.

Applicable rates for profit determination table:
Please click here to see the rates applicable for the determination of profit.

Consultation Process & Timelines

To ensure the relevancy and practicality of the Guide, PSPC is reaching out to the procurement community for feedback. The Guide is currently under consultation and details of the changes in guidance introduced in each phase, including Phase 3 can be found at the following link:

Pricing Guidance Changes for Consultation

Upon completion of the consultation period, the principles and guidance contained within the Guide will be incorporated into the Supply Manual and formalized.

Consultation Period: December 16, 2020 to March 15, 2021

Consultation Instructions: Please provide comments and feedback to the PSPC Team, Procurement Support Services Sector – Pricing Practices and Guidance Group

Continuous Renewal: The Guide is intended to remain evergreen by continuously seeking to learn and adapt to emerging practices and experiences. PSPC always welcomes your suggestions and ideas for pricing. Moving forward, Guide updates and changes will be posted for consultation, with a defined consultation period and instructions for feedback and formalization.