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The Practitioner’s Guide for Procurement Pricing (“Pricing Guide”) is intended to remain evergreen by continuously seeking to learn and adapt to emerging practices and experiences through stakeholder consultations, independent studies, research, and international benchmarking.

While suggestions and feedback are always welcome, formal consultation periods on specific areas of pricing will be held to obtain formal feedback and inform guidance moving forward.


Information regarding the proposed update to the Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions (SACC) Manual to facilitate the use of the basis of payment and incentive terms introduced in the Pricing Guide is now available.

The inclusion of standard pricing clauses in the SACC Manual is intended to normalize the use of contract clauses in support of innovative ways to meet specific requirements and to align with current pricing guidance.

The draft clauses have been revised based on the feedback received. View the latest draft version as follows :

Previous Consultations:

The formal consultation period for Phase 3 (Dec 2020 – Mar 2021) of the Pricing Guide is now complete. Thank you for your feedback and comments. Stakeholder feedback is essential for the development of relevant pricing guidance.

Guidance has been updated based on feedback received and alignment of the Supply Manual and the Pricing Guide. Please find attached a summary of key updates resulting from Phase 3 of the Pricing Guide consultation.

Future Iterations:

Please find below a list of areas under consideration for subsequent consultations. As appropriate additional topics and/or material may be added for consultation.

  • Updates to the general audit clauses found in the Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions (SACC) Manual, Section 3 General Conditions templates and the proposed addition of an audit clause to SACC Manual Section 5 C. Price;
  • Socio-Economic Benefits Programs and Policy Considerations in the Contractual Risk Profit Determination Process; and
  • Tax Credits and Refunds – Investment Tax Credits

Contact Us:

We welcome suggestions on pricing areas/topics that should be considered in subsequent consultations. Please provide comments and feedback to the PSPC Team, Procurement Support Services Sector – Pricing Practices and Guidance Group.