Scarborough, ON - Laboratory expansion & Fit-up (EQ754-151789/A)

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Tender Notice


Publishing status
Days to closing
6 years 1 month ago


Publication date
Amendment date
Date closing
2015/02/17 14:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST)


Reference number
Solicitation number
Region of delivery
Notice type
Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP)
Trade agreement
  • Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)
Tendering procedure
All interested suppliers may submit a bid
Competitive procurement strategy
Lowest/Lower Bid
Procurement entity
Public Works and Government Services Canada
End user entity
Public Works and Government Services Canada

Contact Information

Contact name
Hassell, Bob
Contact phone
(416) 590-8270 ( )
Contact fax
(416) 512-5862
Contact address
Ontario Region, Tendering Office
12th Floor, 4900 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario
M2N 6A6


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Trade Agreement: Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)
Tendering Procedures: All interested suppliers may submit a bid
Attachment: YES (MERX) Electronic
Competitive Procurement Strategy: Lowest/Lower Bid
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No
Nature of Requirements: 

Hassell, Bob
Telephone No. - (416) 590-8270 (    )
Fax No. - (416) 512-5862

Title:  Scarborough, On - Laboratory Expansion & Fit-up

Scope of Work
The scope of this project is to renovate 764 meter square of
existing laboratories to accommodate and streamline Canadian
Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA's expanding functions).  The
project will be conducted in phases and all work shall occur
after hours and on weekends as the laboratories need to remain
operational during the project.  Each phase and sub-phase shall
be commissioned for use prior to the start of subsequent
phasing, and one final commissioning for the entire works at

A Mandatory Site Visit will be held on January 19, 2015 at 11:00
A.M. Interested bidders will meet at  2301 Midland Ave.,
Scarborough, Ontario (Front entrance of the CFIA Building). It
is mandatory that the bidder attend the site visit at the
designated date and time to examine the scope of the work
required and the existing conditions. Bidders are requested to
register with the Contracting Officer, Bob Hassell, at / 416-590-8270, to confirm their
attendance and provide the name(s) of the person(s) who will
attend, 24 hours prior to the site visit. Bids submitted by
Bidders who have not signed the attendance sheet will not be

Any clarifications or changes to the bid solicitation resulting
from the site visit will be included as an amendment to the bid

Closing date: 17 February 2015, 14:00 HOURS.  

The duration of work is schedule to be completed within 47 weeks
from the date of notification of acceptance of the offer.

Bidders should provide, with their bid or promptly thereafter, a
complete list of names of all individuals who are currently
directors of the Bidder.  If such a list has not been received
by the time the evaluation of bids is completed, Canada will
inform the Bidder of a time
 frame within which to provide the information.  Failure to
provide such a list within the required time frame will render
the bid non-responsive.  Bidders must always submit the list of
directors before contract award. 


Drawings and Specifications are now available for viewing and
downloading in a Portable Document Format (PDF) or in a standard
paper version. Tenderers should note that Attachment 1 (ATT 1)
contains the Drawings and Specifications Package (DSP) which
consists of PDF files organized in an industry recognized
directory structure.    

Standard Terms and Conditions for this procurement are
incorporated by reference into,  and form part of the Tender and
Contract Documents.  

The standard Public Works and Government Services Canada
documents may be viewed at

All enquiries of a technical and contractual nature, are to be
submitted to the Contracting  Officer, Bob Hassell:  e-mail:  Telephone:  (416) 590-8270,  or 
Facsimile:  (416) 512-5862  

Bid Receiving:   Sealed tenders will be received at Public Works
and Government Services Canada, 4900 Yonge Street, 	Bid
Receiving, 12th Floor, Toronto, Ontario  M2N 6A6.
Delivery Date: Above-mentioned

The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

Access and terms of use

Government of Canada (GC) tender notices and awards, solicitation documents and tender attachments are available free of charge and without registration on, the authoritative location for GC tenders.

You may have received this tender notice or award through a third-party distributor. The Government of Canada is not responsible for any tender notices and/or related documents and attachments not accessed directly through

This Government of Canada tender notice or tender award carries an Open Government Licence - Canada that governs its use. Related solicitation documents and/or tender attachments are copyright protected. Please refer to the section about Commercial Reproduction in the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Solicitation Documents

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ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU000.PDF000English- 2015-01-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU000.PDF000French- 2015-01-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU001.PDF001English- 2015-01-20
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU001.PDF001French- 2015-01-20
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU002.PDF002English- 2015-01-20
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU002.PDF002French- 2015-01-20
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU003.PDF003English- 2015-01-26
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU003.PDF003French- 2015-01-26
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU004.PDF004English- 2015-01-28
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU004.PDF004French- 2015-01-28
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU005.PDF005English- 2015-01-29
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU005.PDF005French- 2015-01-29
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU006.PDF006English- 2015-01-30
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU006.PDF006French- 2015-01-30
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU007.PDF007English- 2015-02-04
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU007.PDF007French- 2015-02-04
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU008.PDF008English- 2015-02-06
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU008.PDF008French- 2015-02-06
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU009.PDF009English- 2015-02-06
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU009.PDF009French- 2015-02-06
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU010.PDF010English- 2015-02-06
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU010.PDF010French- 2015-02-06
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU011.PDF011English- 2015-02-09
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU011.PDF011French- 2015-02-09
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU012.PDF012English- 2015-02-09
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU012.PDF012French- 2015-02-09
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU013.PDF013English- 2015-02-09
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU013.PDF013French- 2015-02-09
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU014.PDF014English- 2015-02-10
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU014.PDF014French- 2015-02-10
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU015.PDF015English- 2015-02-11
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU015.PDF015French- 2015-02-11
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.EBSU016.PDF016English- 2015-02-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.EBSU016.PDF016French- 2015-02-12


FileAmendment numberLanguageUnique Download Event (English page)Date added
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA001.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA002.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA003.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA004.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA005.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA007.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA008.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.ATTA006.PDFNot availableFrench- 2015-01-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.F1984.ATTA009.PDFNot availableFrench- 2015-01-12
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA010.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-20
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA011.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-20
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA012.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-26
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA013.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-28
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA014.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-01-30
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA015.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-02-04
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA016.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-02-06
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA017.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-02-06
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA018.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-02-06
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA019.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-02-06
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA020.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-02-06
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA021.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-02-09
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA022.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-02-09
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA023.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-02-09
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA024.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-02-10
ABES.PROD.PW_PWL.B039.E1984.ATTA025.PDFNot availableEnglish- 2015-02-11

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