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Days to closing
6 years 10 months ago


Publication date
Amendment date
Date closing
2014/03/20 14:00 Atlantic Standard Time (AST)


Reference number
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Region of opportunity
New Brunswick
Region of delivery
New Brunswick
Notice type
Advance Contract Award Notice (ACAN)
Trade agreement
  • None
Tendering procedure
Procurement entity
Correctional Service of Canada
End user entity
Correctional Service of Canada

Contact Information

Contact name
Nugent, Andrea
Contact phone
Contact address
1045 Main Street, 2nd Floor
Moncton  NB
E1C 1H1


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21220-14-0032 ACAN – Brett Colfer

An advanced contract award notice (ACAN) is a public notice indicating to the supplier community that a department or agency intends to award a contract for goods, services or construction to a pre-identified supplier, thereby allowing other suppliers to signal their interest in bidding, by submitting a statement of capabilities. If no supplier submits a statement of capabilities that meet the requirements set out in the ACAN, on or before the closing date and time stated in the ACAN, the contracting officer may then proceed with the award to the pre-identified supplier.

 "Elder" means any person recognized by the Aboriginal community as having knowledge and understanding of the traditional culture of the community, including the physical manifestations of the culture of the people and their spiritual and social traditions.  Knowledge and wisdom, coupled with the recognition and respect of the people of the community, are the essential defining characteristics of an Elder.  Some Elders may have additional attributes, such as those of traditional healer. Elders may be identified as such by Aboriginal communities and their peers only.

1. Definition of requirement:

 The Correctional Service Canada has a requirement to provide programs and opportunities to meet the needs of Aboriginal offenders. The Correctional Service of Canada is legislated to provide Aboriginal offenders with the opportunity to further develop their understanding of traditional Aboriginal spirituality while allowing others to practice their beliefs and values systems. The work will involve the following: 

1.1 Objectives:

The Aboriginal Elder shall expose offenders to traditional Aboriginal ways of life through workshops, teachings and counselling and by facilitation of traditional ceremonies for the benefit of both offenders and staff; and monitoring the participation of offenders in Aboriginal programming. 

	The services required consist of the following separate programs which may or may not all be required 	for the duration of the contract:
•	Elder Services
•	Aboriginal Specific Programs 

1.2 Tasks:

As of 2014-04-01, The Aboriginal Elder shall provide, during the period of this contract, up to 1717.50 hours of service to Aboriginal offenders incarcerated at Westmorland Institution and/or Dorchester Penitentiary in Dorchester, New Brunswick.

 The Aboriginal Elder shall assist Aboriginal offenders toward opportunities to further develop an understanding of traditional Aboriginal spirituality while exposing them to traditional ceremonies and belief systems by: 

•	Conducting spiritual services and various traditional ceremonies either in-groups or individually such as smudging using sacred medicines, (e.g., sweet grass, sage, cedar), fasts, family spiritual services, sweat lodges, longhouse ceremonies. 
•	Providing teachings and counseling to Aboriginal offenders regarding the areas of Aboriginal spirituality and culture that will enhance an offender’s understanding of traditional beliefs and values, including in emergency situations, if necessary. 
•	Providing advice/information to staff and management, locally, regionally and nationally on issues of Aboriginal spirituality and its impact on the Institution as well as providing information to Case Management staff as part of the Case Management Team. 
•	Providing other services as agreed between the Contractor and Project Authority including the possibility of participating in programs. 

1.3 Expected results:

The Elder is to give provision of Aboriginal programs and Elder services/teachings to Westmorland Institution inmate population. 

On a monthly basis, the Aboriginal Elder, with the assistance and coordination of the Aboriginal Coordinator, shall report to the Project Authority, the following information:

a.	Number and type of individual offender contacts/interviews conducted.
b.	Number and type of group sessions held, i.e. cultural seminar, talking circle, healing circle, etc. and number of Aboriginal offenders in attendance.
c.	Number and type of spiritual ceremonies held, i.e., sweat lodge, pipe ceremonies, family services, and number in attendance, etc. 
d.	Number and type of collateral contacts made (Case Management meetings, staff training, discipline resolution with offenders, attendance at National Parole Board meetings, etc.).

1.4 Performance standards:

As the services provided pursuant to this contract are being provided in the penitentiary setting, the Contractor will conform to the institutional hours and policies, unless otherwise directed by the Project Authority, or his designate.  The Contractor shall provide the services between the hours of 0800 and 2200 hours.

1.5 Deliverables:

1.5.1	The contractor shall provide and deliver Aboriginal-specific programs as per the national program 	standards.
a.	Each offender will be interviewed to determine their suitability to participate in the program.
b.	At the end of the program, a comprehensive report will be submitted on each offender, which will include:
•	name and FPS number of the offender
•	outline of the offender’s progress
•	relapse prevention treatment plan

This final report will be shared with the offender and the Case Management Officer by means of a case conference. The case conference should be held no later than ten (10) working days following completion of the program.

1.5.2	Paper consumption: 

a.	Should printed material be required, double sided printing in black and white format is the default unless otherwise specified by the Project Authority. 

b.	The Contractor must ensure printed material is on paper with a minimum recycled content of 30% and/or certified as originating from a sustainably managed forest. 

c.	The Contractor must recycle unneeded printed documents (in accordance with Security Requirements).

1.6 Constraints:

1.6.1	Location of work:

a.	The Contractor must perform the work at:
Westmorland Institution
4902A Main Street
Dorchester, NB
E4H 2Y9

		b.	Travel

			The Elder may be required to travel on behalf of the Correctional Service of Canada to attend 			national conferences, regional meetings, visits to other Institutions in the Atlantic Regions, and 			Liaison trips to the reserves.  Expenses for such will be reimbursed as per Treasury Board 			Policy.

1.6.2	Language of Work:

The contractor must perform all work in English. 

1.6.3 Security Requirements:

This contract includes the following security requirements:

a.	The Contractor personnel requiring access to sensitive work site(s) must EACH hold a valid reliability status granted or approved by CISD/PWGSC or Correctional Service Canada. 
b.	Subcontracts which contain security requirements are NOT to be awarded without the prior written permission of CISD/PWGSC. 
c.	The Contractor must comply with the provisions of the: 
	Security Requirements Check List; 
	Industrial Security Manual (Latest Edition) 
	   Centre (CPIC) at the institutions’ entrances. 

2. Minimum essential requirements:

Any interested supplier must demonstrate by way of a statement of capabilities that it meets the following requirements:


Must have a minimum of six months experience working with Aboriginal people and must have a minimum of two years experience in the delivery of Elder Services to Aboriginal people. 

Academic qualifications:

No Academic qualifications identified. 
Professional designation, accreditation and/or certification:

•	Provide proof of being recognized as an Aboriginal Elder. 
•	Have a minimum of six months experience working with Aboriginal people and must have a minimum of two years experience in the delivery of Elder Services to Aboriginal people.
•	Obtain liability insurance once the contract is in effect. 
•	Obtain a CSC security clearance to the level of reliability at the time of contract award.

3. Applicability of the trade agreement (s) to the procurement

This procurement is not subject to any trade agreement.

4. Set-aside under the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business

This procurement is set-aside for an Aboriginal Supplier in accordance with the government's Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB). Therefore, only suppliers who meet the definition of an Aboriginal business, as defined in the PSAB, may submit a statement of capabilities.

5. Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (s)

This procurement is not subject to a Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement.

6. Justification for the Pre-Identified Supplier

	Following discussions with some community people and discussions with our Regional Elder the 	contractor is the only Elder who would be able to fulfill the expected duties. Furthermore, he has 	specialized knowledge in Aboriginal Ceremonies.  Our Selection Process is limited and difficult to 	identify the willingness to come to our Institution and travel to our site for work.

7. Government Contracts Regulations Exception(s)

The following exception to the Government Contracts Regulations is invoked for this procurement under subsection:

	Only one person is capable of performing the contract.

8. Exclusions and/or Limited Tendering Reasons

The following exclusion (s) and/or limited tendering reasons are invoked under the section of the trade agreement (s) specified: 

	This procurement is not subject to any trade agreement.

9. Ownership of Intellectual Property

Ownership of any foreground intellectual property arising out of the proposed contract will vest with the Contractor.

10. The period of the proposed contract or the delivery date(s)

The proposed contract is for a period of one (1) years, from the date of contract award to March 31, 2015 with an option to extend the contract for three (3) additional one-year periods.

11. A cost estimate of the proposed contract

The estimated value of the contract, including option (s), is $326,560.00 (GST/HST extra).

12. Name and address of the pre-identified supplier

Name: 	Brett Colfer
Address: 5 Echo Drive
			Elsipogtog, NB
			E4W 2T9
			Phone: 506-523-4406

13. Suppliers' right to submit a statement of capabilities

Suppliers who consider themselves fully qualified and available to provide the goods, services or construction services described in the ACAN, may submit a statement of capabilities in writing to the contact person identified in this notice on or before the closing date and time of this notice. This statement of capabilities must clearly demonstrate how the supplier meets the advertised requirements.

14. The closing date and time for a submission of a statement of capabilities

The closing date and time for accepting statements of capabilities is March 20, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.

15. Enquiries and submission of statement of capabilities

Enquiries and statement of capabilities are to be directed to:

Andrea Nugent
Regional Contract Officer
1045 Main Street, 2nd Floor
Moncton, NB  E1C 1H1
Telephone: 506-851-6977
Facsimile: 506-851-6327
E-mail: andrea.nugent@csc-scc.gc.ca

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