MEDLINE MEDI-SELECT (CW2243138-ACM_161323837)

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Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements


Agreement number
Agreement Type
National Master Standing Offer
Start Date
Thu, 2020-01-23 00:00
Expiry date
Monday, March 31, 2025 - 00:00
  • 42230000: Clinical nutrition
  • 42210000: Independent living aids for the physically challenged
  • 42220000: Intravenous and arterial administration products
  • 42130000: Medical apparel and textiles
  • 42280000: Medical cleaning and sterilization products
  • 42200000: Medical diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine products
  • 42190000: Medical facility products
  • 42300000: Medical training and education supplies
  • 42170000: Mobile medical services products
  • 42240000: Orthopedic and prosthetic and sports medicine products
  • 42140000: Patient care and treatment products and supplies
  • 42180000: Patient exam and monitoring products
  • 42250000: Physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation products
  • 42270000: Respiratory and anesthesia and resuscitation products
  • 42290000: Surgical products
  • 42310000: Wound care products
E60PV-18MS00-023-PV Medical - MEDLINE Medi-Select

Supplier Information

Supplier Standardized Name
Supplier Legal Name
MEDLINE Medi-Select
End User
Public Works and Government Services Canada
Region of delivery

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