General Photographic Services - Still

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GSIN Description
General Photographic Services - Still
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Communications, Photographic, Mapping, Printing and Publication Services
GSIN Class Description
Communication, Photographic, Mapping, Printing and Publication Services
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
T013A Underwater Photography
T013B General Commercial Photography
T013C Photographic Displays
T013D Satellite Data Processing and Related Services
T013BA General Commercial Photography, All Specialties
T013BB Photo Mounting and Framing Services
T013BC Slide Transfer to Video
T013BD Fiberglass Embedding of Photographs and Text
T013BE Mural Display Technical Consultation Service
T013BF Photo Background and Restoration Work Service
T013BG Photo Processing
T013BH Photo Printing
T013BI Photographic Artwork
T013BJ Archival Photo Services
T013BK Porcelain and Photo Signs
T013BL Photo Assignments and Editing
T013BM Photo Research
T013BN Photo Acquisition
T013BO Passport and Portrait Services
T013BP Passport and Portrait Services - 35MM
T013BQ Passport and Portrait Services - 2 1/4
T013BR Passport and Portrait Services - 4 X 5
T013BS Image Reference and Retrieval
T013BT Security Imaging Systems
T013BU Identification Imaging Systems
T013BV Coding Imaging Systems
T013BW Imaging Inventory Systems
T013BX Teleconferencing Systems
T013BY Document Imaging Systems
T013BZ Visual Information System
T013CA Photographic Displays
T013CB Photo Display Walls
T013CC Photo Display Consultation
T013CD Photo Mural Displays
T013BAA Digital/Analog Image Retrieval
T013BAB Video Disk-Based Systems
T013BAC Video Disc-Based Mapping Systems
T013BAD Multi-Media Digital Systems
T013BAE Digital Information Storage Systems
T013BAF Digital Document Capture Systems
T013BAG Optical Character Reader Systems
T013BAH Indexing (Digital) Systems
T013BAI Digital Video Imaging
T013BAJ Digital Scanning and Retrieval Systems
T013BAK Videodisc Training
T013BAL Smart Card Technologies/Systems
T013BAM Image Management Systems
T013BAN Satellite Photo Imagery
T013BAO Satellite Imagery Analysis
T013BAP Aerial Imagery Analysis
T013BAQ Landsat Imagery Analysis
T013BAR Speech Support Visuals/Consultation
T013BAS Special Visual Affects
T013BAT Computer Generated Graphics
T013BAU Visual Training Aids
T013BAV Overhead Transparencies
T013BAW Slide Show Services
T013BAX Training Audio Visuals
T013BAY Holograms
T013BAZ Industrial Photography
T013BBA Industrial Photography - 35mm
T013BBB Industrial Photography - 2 1/4
T013BBC Industrial Photography - 4 X 5
T013BBD Architectural Photography
T013BBE Architectural Photography - 35MM
T013BBF Architectural Photography - 2 1/4
T013BBG Architectural Photography - 4 X 5
T013BBH Fashion Photography
T013BBI Fashion Photography - 35MM
T013BBJ Fashion Photography - 2 1/4
T013BBK Fashion Photography - 4 X 5
T013BBL Advertising Photography
T013BBM Advertising Photography - 35MM
T013BBN Advertising Photography - 2 1/4
T013BBO Advertising Photography - 4 X 5
T013BBP Product Photography
T013BBQ Product Photography - 35MM
T013BBR Product Photography - 2 1/4
T013BBS Product Photography - 4 X 5
T013BBT Photo Journalism
T013BBU Photo Journalism - 35MM
T013BBV Photo Journalism - 2 1/4
T013BBW Press Photography
T013BBX Press Photography - 35MM
T013BBY Press Photography - 2 1/4
T013BBZ Documentary Photography
T013BCA Documentary Photography - 35MM
T013BCB Documentary Photography - 2 1/4
T013BCC Documentary Photography - 4 X 5
T013BCD Nature and Scientific Photography
T013BCE Nature and Scientific Photography - 35MM
T013BCF Nature and Scientific Photography - 2 1/4
T013BCG Nature and Scientific Photography - 4 X 5
T013BCH Flora Photography
T013BCI Flora Photography - 35MM
T013BCJ Flora Photography - 2 1/4
T013BCK Flora Photography - 4 X 5
T013BCL Fauna Photography
T013BCM Fauna Photography - 35MM
T013BCN Fauna Photography - 2 1/4
T013BCO Fauna Photography - 4 X 5
T013BCP Pictorial Photography
T013BCQ Pictorial Photography - 35MM
T013BCR Pictorial Photography - 2 1/4
T013BCS Pictorial Photography - 4 X 5
T013BCT Medical Photography
T013BCU Medical Photography - 35MM
T013BCV Medical Photography - 2 1/4
T013BCW Medical Photography - 4 X 5
T013BCX Photomicrography
T013BCY Photomicrography - 35MM
T013BCZ Photomicrography - 2 1/4
T013BDA Photomicrography - 4 X 5

Contact for this GSIN Code

There is no available contact for this GSIN code.