Meat, Poultry, and Fish

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GSIN Description
Meat, Poultry, and Fish
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
N8905 Meat, Poultry and Fish (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905A Fish, Except Dietetic (replaced by gsin N8905ZA)
N8905C Beef (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905D Veal (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905E Pork (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905F Assorted Meats , Cold Cuts (replaced by gsin N8905ZF)
N8905G Wieners, Frankfurters (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905H Poultry (replaced by gsin N8905ZH)
N8905J Meats, Canned, General (replaced by gsin N8920ZC)
N8905K Meat, HALAL (replaced by gsin N8905ZK)
N8905L Meat, KOSHER (replaced by gsin N8940ZP)
N8905Z Meat, Poultry and Fish
N8905AA Fish, Canned, Except Dietetic (replaced by gsin N8920ZC)
N8905AB Fish, Fresh , Except Dietetic (replaced by gsin N8905ZA)
N8905AC Fish, Frozen , Except Dietetic (replaced by gsin N8920ZAC)
N8905AD Fish, Fresh or Frozen, for use as Bait in Commercial Fishing
N8905AF Herring, Salted (replaced by gsin N8905ZA)
N8905AG Dried Salt, Fish (replaced by gsin N8905ZA)
N8905CA Beef, Fresh, Except Processed (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905CB Beef, Frozen, Except Processed (replaced by gsin N8905ZCB)
N8905CC Beef, Processed (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905DA Veal, Cutlets, Flacked, Formed, Breaded (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905DB Veal, Cutlets, Delicated, Unbreaded (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905EA Pork, Sausages (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905EB Pork, Tongue (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905EC Pork, Cutlets, Breaded (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905ED Pork, Cutlets, Delicated (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905HA Poultry, Approved Products List (replaced by gsin N8905ZH)
N8905HB Poultry, Registered Plants (replaced by gsin N8905ZH)
N8905ZA Fish
N8905ZF Assorted Meats (Cold Cuts)
N8905ZH Poultry
N8905ZK Meat, Halal
N8905AAA Mackerel, Canned (replaced by gsin N8920ZC)
N8905AAB Salmon, Canned (replaced by gsin N8920ZC)
N8905AAC Herring/Sardines, Canned (replaced by gsin N8920ZC)
N8905AAD Tuna, Canned (replaced by gsin N8920ZC)
N8905AAE Clams, Canned (replaced by gsin N8920ZC)
N8905AGA Dried Salt Pollock (replaced by gsin N8905ZA)
N8905AGB Dried Salt Hake (replaced by gsin N8905ZA)
N8905AGC Dried Salt Gaspereau, Alewines, (replaced by gsin N8905ZA)
N8905CAA Beef Sausages, Fresh (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905CCA Beef Steakettes, APL 1 (replaced by gsin N8905Z)
N8905ZAC Fish, Frozen
N8905ZCB Beef, Frozen

Contact for this GSIN Code

There is no available contact for this GSIN code.