Building Components, Prefabricated

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GSIN Description
Building Components, Prefabricated
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Construction and Building Materials
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
N5670 Building Components, Prefabricated
N5670A Doors, Metal Construction
N5670B Grating, Metal
N5670C Railing, Hand (Metal)
N5670D Staircase, Metal
N5670F Skylights, Metal, Plastic Pane
N5670G Landing, Stair, Metal
N5670H Troughs, Eaves, Metal
N5670J Louvers, Metal
N5670K Walls, Metal, Folding
N5670L Partitions, Metal, Security
N5670M Mouldings, Aluminum
N5670N Studs and Trims, Steel, For Drywall
N5670P Screens, Window, Aluminum
N5670Q Foot Grilles
N5670R Chimney, Metal, Prefabricated
N5670S Frames, Door, Metal
N5670T Flashings, Metal
N5670V Access Hatches, Building, Custom
N5670AA Doors, ALuminum
N5670AB Doors, Metal, Rolling
N5670AC Doors, Metal, Sliding
N5670AD Doors, Steel
N5670AE Doors, Metal, Security
N5670AF Doors, Metal, Fire, Mineral Core
N5670AG Doors, Overhead, Metal Construction
N5670AH Doors, Metal, Automatic Opening and Closing
N5670AJ Doors, Garage Metal
N5670AK Doors, Metal, Cold Storage
N5670EA Window, Metal, Storm, Aluminum
N5670EB Window, Metal, Storm, Plastic Pane
N5670EC Window, Metal, N.E.S.
N5670ED Window, Metal, Plastic Bubble
N5670EE Window, Metal, Security
N5670EF Window Metal, Storm
N5670GA Stair Tread Grating, Metal
N5670AJA Door, Garage, Overhead

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