Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered

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GSIN Description
Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Hand Tools
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
N5110 Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered
N5110A Axe, Single and Double Bit, CGSB 39-GP-3M
N5110B Blades, Hand, Hacksaw, CGSB 46-GP-1
N5110C Chisel,Metal and Woodworking
N5110D Cutters, Hand Powered
N5110E File, Hand
N5110G Handle (Edged Hand Tools)
N5110H Knives
N5110J Planes
N5110K Reamer, Hand, Expansion
N5110L Saws, Hand, Nonpowered, all Types
N5110M Scissors
N5110N Scapers, Wood
N5110P Shears, Hand, Workshop Tools
N5110Q Stamp, Marking, Steel (Die Set, Metal Stamping, Hand)
N5110R Stripper, Wire, Bench
N5110S Drills, Hand, Nonpowered
N5110CA Chisel Sets, Metalworking, Hand, CGSB 39-GP-43A
N5110CB Chisel,Turning
N5110CC Chisel, Sets, Butt, Woodworking
N5110DA Cutters, Bolt
N5110DB Cutters, Glass
N5110DC Cutters, Pipe and Tube, CGSB 39-GP-49
N5110DD Cutters, Tube
N5110DE Cutters, Wire Rope, Hand Operated
N5110GA Handles, Knife Blade
N5110GB Handles, Single Bit Axe, Wood, CGSB 39-GP-10M
N5110GC Handles, Wood, Tool, Small (Chisels, Files, etc.)
N5110HA Knives, Craftsmen
N5110HB Knives, Handicraft
N5110HD Knives, Pocket
N5110HE Knives, Pocket, Seamans
N5110HG Knives, Snow Cutting
N5110JA Planes, Woodworking, N.E.S.
N5110JB Planes, Bench, Jack
N5110LA Saws, Hand, Nonpowered, CGSB 46-GP-4
N5110MA Scissors, Pocket
N5110MB Scissors, CGSB 53-GP-43M
N5110MC Scissors, Electricians
N5110PA Shears, Pinking
N5110PB Shears, Tinners, Bench, Hand, CGSB 39-GP-33M
N5110SA Drills, Breast
N5110SB Drills, Masonry, Hand
N5110DCA Cutters, Pipe, CGSB 39-GP-49
N5110DDA Cutters, Tube, CGSB 39-GP-49

Contact for this GSIN Code

There is no available contact for this GSIN code.