Pipes, Tubes, and Rigid Tubing

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GSIN Description
Pipes, Tubes, and Rigid Tubing
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Pipe, Tubing, Hose and Fittings
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
N4710 Pipe, Tube and Rigid Tubing
N4710A Pipe (Except Aircraft)
N4710B Piping, Prefabricated Steel and Iron
N4710C Tube, Metallic and Nonmetallic (Except Special Purpose)
N4710D Pipe and Tube (Aircraft)
N4710E Pipe, Sewer
N4710AA Pipe Brass (Except Aircraft)
N4710AB Pipe, Culvert, Except Nestable
N4710AC Pipe, Culvert, Nestable
N4710AD Pipe Ductile, Non-Insulated
N4710AE Pipe, Galvanized and Black (Except Aircraft)
N4710AF Pipe, Hydraulic (Except Aircraft)
N4710AG Pipe, Lined and Anti-Corrosive (Except Aircraft)
N4710AH Pipe, Plastic (Except Aircraft)
N4710AJ Pipe, Soil, Cast Iron
N4710AK Pipe, Stainless Steel (Except Aircraft)
N4710AL Pipe, Welded Steel (Except Aircraft)
N4710AM Pipe, Steel, Polyurethane Insulated
N4710AN Pipe, Copper, Polyurethane Insulated
N4710AP Pipe, Ductile Iron, Polyurethane Insulated
N4710CA Tube, Aluminum Alloy
N4710CB Tube, Brass and Copper
N4710CC Tube, Monel and Nickel
N4710CD Tube, Plastic Rigid
N4710CE Tube, Steel
N4710DE Tube Assemblies, Aircraft
N4710AHA Pipe, Plastic, PVC
N4710AHB Pipe, Plastic, N.E.S.
N4710AHC Pipe, Plastic, Polyurethane, Insulated
N4710AJA Pipe Water C.I. (Mechanical Joint)
N4710DEE Tube Assemblies (Except Aircraft)

Contact for this GSIN Code

There is no available contact for this GSIN code.