Miscellaneous Construction Equipment

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GSIN Description
Miscellaneous Construction Equipment
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Construction, Mining, Excavating and Highway Maintenance Equipment
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
N3895 Miscellaneous Construction Equipment
N3895A Asphalt Equipment
N3895C Batching Plants, Cement Aggregate
N3895D Cable Layers, Underground
N3895E Cart, Concrete
N3895F Compactor, Soil
N3895G Concrete Vibrators
N3895H Hammers, Pile Drive Drop
N3895J Mixers, Concrete
N3895L Rollers, Construction Equipment
N3895M Saws, Masonry and Concrete, Wheeled, Self-Propelled
N3895P Stabilizers, Soil, Construction
N3895Q Tampers, Soil
N3895R Kettles, Tar and Asphalt
N3895T Pavement Repair Equipment
N3895AA Asphalt Distributors
N3895AB Asphalt Machine, Bituminous Mixer
N3895AC Asphalt Paving Machines
N3895AD Asphalt Paving Machine Accessories
N3895LA Rollers, Grid Towed
N3895LB Rollers, Pneumatic Tired, Motorized
N3895LC Rollers, Sheepsfoot
N3895LD Rollers, Vibratory, Motorized
N3895LE Rollers, Construction Equipment, N.E.S.
N3895TA Pavement Cutter
N3895TB Joint Cleaning Machines, Pavement

Contact for this GSIN Code

There is no available contact for this GSIN code.