Gardening Implements and Tools

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GSIN Description
Gardening Implements and Tools
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
N3750 Gardening Implements and Tools
N3750A Brushcutter, Edger, Renovator, Sweeper and Tiller
N3750C Gardening and Ground Maintenance Implements and Tools, Powered, N.E.S.
N3750D Handle, Hoe Rake, Wood
N3750E Mowers, Lawn
N3750G Rollers, Lawn
N3750H Scythe, Snath
N3750J Shears, Gardening
N3750K Shovel, Hand, Garden
N3750L Spreader, Loose Material
N3750P Gardening and Ground Maintenance Implements and Tools, Non-Powered, N.E.S.
N3750R Tractors, Gardening
N3750S Sprinklers, Garden, Lawn
N3750U Tree Grates and Guards
N3750EA Mower, Lawn, Hand
N3750EB Mower, Lawn, Power
N3750EC Mower, Lawn, Tractor Propelled
N3750ED Mower, Lawn Spare Parts and Accessories
N3750GA Rollers, Lawn, Hand
N3750GB Rollers, Lawn, Motorized, Riding Type
N3750JA Shears, Grass Cutting and Pruning, Hand
N3750JB Shears, Hedge Trimming
N3750TA Leaf Blowers
N3750TB Log Splitters
N3750TC Rototillers
N3750TD Shredders, Leaves, Brush, Etc.
N3750ECA Mower, Lawn, Tractor Propelled, 90 in. Cut, Reel Type, Industrial
N3750ECD Mower, Lawn, Tractor Propelled, Rotary Mower
N3750EDA Mower, Lawn, Spare Parts (Toro)
N3750EDB Mower, Lawn, Spare Parts (Lawn Boy)
N3750EDC Mower, Lawn, Spare Parts (Duke Lawn)

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