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ZG Division - Business Management and Consulting Services Division

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Contacts for Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) Codes

Contacts for GSIN Codes

Procurement Division Code
Division Name and Contact Page
Business Management and Consulting Services Division

GSIN codes under this procurement division

Code Title Code status
B304A Regulatory Studies Active
B308A Accounting and Financial Management Studies Active
B329A Business Services / Modelling and Analysis Active
B329B Advisory Support Services / Natural resources efficiency Active
B500A Archaeological/Paleontological Services Active
B506D Economic Studies / Modelling and Analysis Active
L005A Credit Reporting - Commercial Active
L007A Collection Agency Services Active
L099A Financial and Related Services, N.E.S. Active
L099B Financial Management Active
L099C Customs Brokerage Services Active
L099D Financial Accounting Services Active
L099G Financial Transaction Processing Services - Electronic Commerce Active
L099J Financial Advisory/Investment Banking Services Active
R019F Consulting Services Active
R019M Harassment (Investigative Services) Active
R019R Professional Services / Financial Analysis Active
R019S Professional Services / Leasing Services (Office, Common Use, and Commercial Letting Services) Active
R019U Professional Services / Program Research Analysis Active
R115A Materiel Management Active
R199J Administrative Services Active
R199X Adjudication Services Active
L099BG National Financial Institutions, Payment Services Active
L099BH National Financial Institutions, Deposit Services Active
L099BI National Financial Institutions, Banking Services Other Than Payment and Deposit Services Active
R019M1 Investigative Services, Public Servant Disclosure Protection Act (PSDPA) Active
R019UA Professional Services / Assets Value Assessments Active
R019UB Professional Services / Waste Management Services Active
R123AQ Evaluation & Performance Measurement Services Active