PAD Record

FK Division - Facility Maintenance Services Division

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Contacts for Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) Codes

Contacts for GSIN Codes

Procurement Division Code
Division Name and Contact Page
Facility Maintenance Services Division

GSIN codes under this procurement division

Code Title Code status
5161B Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Maintenance & Inspection Services Active
5161D BACS - Building Automation Control Systems Active
5164D Fire Alarm System Maintenance (building related) Active
5164E Security Systems Maintenance - Interior (built-in) Buildings Active
B206A Energy Studies including Federal Buildings Initiative Active
B500B Archaeological Site Investigations Active
C211F CADD Drafting and Technical Services - Building Systems Active
E101A Air Quality Support Services Active
E103A Water Quality Support Services Active
E107A Hazardous Substance Analysis - Building Related Active
E108D Hazardous Substance Removal and Disposal -Building Related Active
E199A Waste Recycling Services Active
E199D Environmental Services Active
E199H Environmental Professional Consulting Services - Real Property Related Active
F011A Pesticides and Insecticides Support Services Active
H300F Heating and Cooling Plant, Inspection Services Active
K100A Cleaning and Maintenance, Janitorial Active
K101A Fire Protection Services - Buildings Active
K104A Trash/Garbage Collection Services Active
K107A Landscaping and Horticultural Services Active
K107C Lawn and Garden Services Active
K112A Interior Plantscaping Active
K113A Snow Plowing and Removal Active
K113B Snow Removal and Salt Service Active
K114A Sewage Treatment Active
K114B Septic Tank/Latrine Service Active
K199K Chimney Cleaning Services Active
K199L Road Sweeping Services Active
K199N Window Cleaning Active
M190B Asset Management Plans (AMP) Active
R006D Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures for Building Controls and Systems Active
S003F Boiler, Chemical Water Treatment & Related Services Active
T019D Survey Services, Interior and Exterior Active
5161AP Ductwork - Repair and Cleaning Services Active
5164CU Low Voltage Electrical Equipment & Systems - Repairs, Testing, Verification & Alternatives Active
5164CV Generator Maintenance Active
5164CW Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System - Maintenance Active
5169CB Elevator Maintenance (buildings) Active
5169EE Overhead Door - Maintenance Active
E199AB Hazardous Waste Recycling - Real Property Active
E199AC Non-Hazardous Waste Recycling - Real Property Active
JX4130 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Components - Repair Active
K107AB Fireguard Plowing Active
K107CC Soil Sterilization Services Active
K107CD Fertilizer Spreading Services Active
K107CE Soil Analysis Services Active
K107DA Grounds Maintenance Active
K113AB Snow Removal - Roofs Active
R019PA Threat Risk Assessments - Base Building Active
JX4120B Chillers, Maintenance Active
JX4130A Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Maintenance Active