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CW Division - Exhibits, Audio-Visual, Events,Communications and Printing Services Procurement Division

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Contacts for Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) Codes

Contacts for GSIN Codes

Procurement Division Code
Division Name and Contact Page
Exhibits, Audio-Visual, Events,Communications and Printing Services Procurement Division

GSIN codes under this procurement division

Code Title Code status
N7540 Standard Forms Active
N7690 Miscellaneous Printed Matter Active
T002B Internal Communications Programs Active
T002D Corporate Sponsorship Active
T002G Internet Communication Services Active
T011B Photo-Map Production Active
T012A Aerial Photography Other Than Survey and Mapping Active
T014A Publications Active
T014P Micrographic Services (Including Microfilming) Active
T014U Addressing, Distribution and Mailing Lists Management Active
T099A Publishing, Co-Publishing and Support Services - Paper and Electronic Format Active
T099H Communication Publications - Ordering, Warehousing and Distribution Active
T099J Document Management and Printing Active
N7530X Envelopes Active
T001GB Marketing Strategy Active
T002AA Fabrication of Exhibits Active
T002AB Custom Exhibit Fabrication Active
T002AI Graphic Production Active
T002AJ Graphic Design and Exhibit Design Active
T002AK Research and Writing Active
T002AP Contractor Services for Furniture Rental, Electrical, Plumbing and Decorative Fixture (for Exhibits) Active
T002GA Website Communications Consultation and Design Active
T002GC Website Analysis and Evaluation Active
T0149H Identification Printing (cards, laminated products) - Non-secure Active
T0149J Inserting - Direct Mail Active
T014C2 Maps - Printing Active
T014C4 Cheque Inserts Active
T014D1 Security Printing, Paper Documents (including bonds) Active
T014D2 Security Printing, Passports Active
T014F1 File Folders - Printed Active
T014F3 Folders, Kit Active
T014G1 Decals, Printed Active
T014G2 Tags Active
T014G3 Labels, Printed Active
T014H2 Forms, Flat, Calling Cards Active
T014H5 Flat Printing Active
T014H7 Forms Flat Business Active
T014JK Multipart Forms Active
T014KA Forms, Continuous Active
T014L5 Dividers - Printed Active
T014Q8 Electronic Printing on Demand Active
T014Q9 Database/Variable Imaging Active
T014QB Electronic Publishing Active
T014RB Forms Design Active
T014SR Printing of Envelopes Active
T014V1 Alternate Format Printing (includes Braille, Large Print and Tactile Graphics) Active
T015AA Photocopying Services Active
T015AC Blue Printing and Engineering Drawing Reproduction Active
T002AJA Graphic Design Services Active
T014D10 Security ID Printing Passes/Cards Active
T014H15 Flat Printing / Loose leaf Printing Active
T014Q10 Offset Printing and Variable Imaging Active
T014R1C Calligraphy, Design and Artwork Active
T014R4C Forms Management Active
T014V0A White Printing Active
T014V0C Binders, Printed Active
T014V8A Copying Services Active