Lac Philippe – Summer 2013 - Sewage Disposal System (587646)

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CAD 223 120.00
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National Capital Commission
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National Capital Commission

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Lapensée, Allan
613-239-5678 X 5051
40 Elgin Street, Suite 202
Ottawa  ON
K1P 1C7


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The General Contractor is to supply, install, maintain and dismantle after the works cofferdams at lagoon, in order to proceed with transfer piping work. Contractor is to supply, place and compact materials for two access ramps. Contractor is to dispose of surplus material at his cost in order to match site final grade as shown on contract drawings. 

.2	The General Contractor, or their authorized mechanical work subcontractor, is to supply, install, test and start-up equipment and appurtenances. Contractor shall verify all measurements inside existing chambers prior to order material. Work includes but is not limited to the following:

Mechanical works at effluent chamber:
•	150 mm diameter piping at meter, including supports anchored to concrete floor;
•	50 mm diameter ball valve and piping;
•	Valve operating rod extension and lateral supports;
•	Opening at existing aluminum cover;
•	Welded stainless steel plate and 150 mm diameter stub;
•	150 mm diameter connecting coupling;
•	Grinding of any remaining cast iron pipe section beyond concrete wall edge at bottom of chamber.

Mechanical works at berm between cell 1 and 2:
•	Replace existing 150 mm diameter transfer piping and valves by ductile iron piping and gate valves c/w mechanical joints;
•	Supply, place and compact clay dyke, granular base and other backfill material at transfer pipe, as shown on drawings;
•	Replace existing 200 mm gate valve and piping at existing concrete transfer chamber

.3	The General Contractor, or their authorized structural work subcontractor, is to supply, install, and anchor miscellaneous metal works and appurtenances, including but not limited to the following:

•	HSS steel support for weatherproof enclosure, A-frame hoist support, and removable handrail sections around existing effluent chamber;
•	A-frame hoist support, and removable handrail sections around existing concrete transfer chamber;

.4	The General Contractor, or their authorized electrical work subcontractor, is to supply, install, test and start-up instrumentation equipment and appurtenances, including but not limited to the following:

•	150 mm diameter submersible magnetic flow meter, c/w cable and battery powered transmitter;
•	Battery powered data logger;
•	610 mm X 610 mm X 203 mm insulated weatherproof enclosure mounted above the upper platform at effluent chamber;
•	Rigid conduit along exterior wall and partially inside chamber;
•	PVC junction box at exterior wall.

.5	At the end of the works, the General Contractor shall reinstate at their cost the access road to site and traffic path on top of lagoon berm to their original condition, by supplying, placing and compacting granular material, plus a geotextile membrane where required. General Contractor shall minimize damage to trees along access road.

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