7.45. Disclosure of information

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  1. Formal requests through the Access to Information Act will be addressed by the Access to Information and Privacy Office.
  2. The following information can be released by contracting officers on a routine basis, after award of a contract or after the issuance of a standing offer (SO) or supply arrangement (SA):
    1. for all solicitations for goods and services, the name of the successful and unsuccessful bidders/offerors/suppliers and whether the bid/offer was responsive or non-responsive. Since information on bidders/offerors/suppliers who are individuals may qualify for exemption under the Privacy Act, such situations should be directed to the Access to Information and Privacy Office as indicated in 7.45.c.; and
    2. for all goods and services requirements subject to public opening, information which was released at the public opening of bids; for example, name of each bidder and the total amount of each bid.
  3. While informal requests on elements identified in 7.45.b. may alternatively be referred to the Access to Information and Privacy Office, the following types of informal requests for bid, contract or standing offer and supply arrangement information should be referred to the Access to Information and Privacy Office:
    1. information pertaining to classified requirements;
    2. names of bidders/offerors who are individuals and the content of their bids/offers, including prices, since such information may be subject to an exemption under the Privacy Act;
    3. copies of bids/offers, including any accompanying supplier catalogues, handbooks or pricing guides;
    4. copies of contracts, purchase orders or standing offer documents, including any accompanying supplier catalogues, handbooks, pricing guides and PWGSC-produced catalogues, handbooks, or acquisition guides;
    5. information contained in bids/offers/arrangements that have been cancelled or superseded by later bids/offers;
    6. individual unit pricing and labour rates whether contained in bids/offers, contracts, standing offers (SOs), supply arrangements (SAs) or purchase orders (disclosure will be assessed in accordance with the specific terms of each legal document concerned and discretion will be applied); and
    7. any other information not covered in b. above.