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4.30.10. Industrial security in contracts

  1. For all proposed procurement with security requirements, including pre-contractual agreements, contracts, call-ups and service agreements, the Security Requirements Check List (SRCL) must be prepared by the client department and provided directly to the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) prior to sending the TPSGC-PWGSC 9200 Requisition for Goods and Services and Construction form to PWGSC Allocation Unit. Therefore, for every proposed procurement, the department identifies the security requirements by completing an SRCL or by certifying in writing that there are no security requirements. CISD will then provide the security clauses to the client department. The SRCL and the security clauses, or the Certification, must be provided along with the TPSGC-PWGSC 9200 Requisition for Goods and Services and Construction form and must be on file and available upon demand.
  2. A Request for Private Sector Organization Screening (PSOS) form may also be included with the SRCL if the client knows of possible bidders that are not registered with CISD. This form is prepared by the client department, the contracting officer or prime contractor (where subcontracting is required) to initiate registration with CISD.
    Note: To request a copy of the PSOS form, please contact the Contract Security Program's Security and Information Services at
  3. The PSOS form provides CISD with mandatory information not included in the SRCL to conduct background and security screenings. As CISD is now under a cost recovery regime, costs will be associated with all screening requests the client departments/contracting officers are sponsoring.
  4. The role of CISD is to:
    1. review the SRCL, Request for Private Sector Organization Screening (PSOS) form if applicable and any attachments which contain security provisions, such as the Statement of Work, for accuracy, completeness, and authorized signatures;
    2. for potential international contracts, ensure that the participating countries have the appropriate industrial security Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), arrangements, or agreements with Canada (see 4.30.25 Industrial Security and International Contracts). If foreign-based suppliers are expected to bid, a list of the applicable country of origin should be provided to CISD, and the appropriate clauses related to foreign-based suppliers will be provided;
    3. sign the SRCL form as the Contracting Security Authority and provide the applicable security clauses to the client department;
    4. provide information to the contracting officer on the security status of each potential bidder, contractor, or offeror, as applicable;
    5. provide to Canadian-based bidders, contractors, or offerors, information on the preparation and transmission of classified or protected information or assets. Classified information and assets must be forwarded to the Document Control Section (DCS).
  5. The fully signed SRCL must contain the following signatures:
    1. the Organization Project Authority must sign the form to indicate that the SRCL properly reflects the security requirements of the requirement;
    2. the Organization Security Authority must also sign the form to indicate that the SRCL properly reflects the industrial security requirements of the requirement. CISD will not process the SRCL and provide the applicable clauses if the above two signatures are not provided;
    3. the contracting officer must sign block 16 "Procurement Officer" only after CISD have advised that the successful bidder has received their security clearance, which means just prior to award. That signature on the SRCL confirms that:
      1. all information on file relating to the industrial security requirement has been provided to CISD for their review prior to solicitation stage;
      2. the contracting officer intends to attach the fully completed and signed SRCL, as well as, insert the security clauses provided by CISD into the contract; and
      3. CISD has provided confirmation that the proposed contractor meets the security requirements.
        Important: When security clearances such at IT, Production and/or COMSEC are required, seek assurance of these specific security types from CISD as they are contract specific and not blanket clearances held by the organizations.
    4. CISD signs as indicated in (a) (iii) above.
  6. Client departments may provide the hard copy of the SRCL form Security Requirements Check List (SRCL) (form TBS/SCT 350-103) or use the online security requirements checklist (SRCL) service. To use the online service register online or contact the Contract Security Program.
  7. If a requirement is cancelled, the contracting officer must advise CISD immediately so that the file can be appropriately closed out.
  8. Contracting officers may not reuse previously approved clauses, except in processes or instruments that have been approved by CISD.