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4.15. Preparation of the Solicitation Documents

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  1. The solicitation documents must be prepared in a way to reflect the approved procurement strategy.
  2. Contracting officers are encouraged to obtain a review of the solicitation documents prior to release.
  3. Contracting officers must perform due diligence in identifying potential conflicts of interests. This can be done by asking the client department if anyone who is not an employee of Canada is or will be involved in the preparation of the statement of work or requirement, the evaluation criteria, and the evaluation. Contracting officers may also consider asking if any employees or former public servants have connections in their personal or professional life, which may lead to suppliers asking questions about favoritism. Contracting officers should consult the conflict of interest clause contained in the Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions(SACC) Manual standard instructions.

4.15.1 Departmental Standard Procurement Templates


  1. Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) has committed to promoting a "common look and feel" in acquisition documents by standardizing terminology, simplifying contract language by using plain language, and ensuring more consistency and uniformity.
  2. PWGSC has implemented departmental standard procurement documents which include standard instructions, general conditions and templates for bid solicitations, requests for standing offers (RFSOs) and requests for supply arrangements (RFSAs) for use by its contracting officers for the procurement of goods, services or both, excluding construction and architectural and engineering requirements.
  3. Subject to the applicable procedures for use of the Standard Procurement Templates contained in the SACC Manual, contracting officers must use the bid solicitation and resulting contract templates for competitive and non-competitive requirements for low dollar value (Simple), medium complexity (MC) and higher complexity (HC), and the templates for Request for Standing Offers (RFSO) and Request for Supply Arrangements (RFSA) for the procurement of goods, services or both. To maintain the "common look and feel" for PWGSC's acquisition documents, contracting officers must not modify or change the order and content of these templates, except where indicated. Where applicable, contracting officers should obtain from their supervisor the most current standard template used within their respective area that has been customized for specific requirements in accordance with the standard templates. Directorates needing assistance in developing documents based on these templates should contact the Procurement Process Tools Division of the Policy, Risk, Integrity and Strategic Management Sector, by e-mail at:
  4. There are five standard procurement templates, available in Microsoft Word (.doc) and Word Pro (.lwp). Associated marked-up PDF files showing the latest changes are also available for each template. Standard Procurement Template ProceduresThe information is only accessible to federal government department and agency employees. are also provided to instruct contracting officers on how to use the templates.
  5. Procurement of most goods and services must be carried out using the general conditions and supplemental general conditions found in the SACC Manual. The conditions to be used depend on the nature and complexity of the procurement and are provided in Annex 4.1: General Conditions and Supplemental General Conditions.
  6. Real Property Contracting utilizes their own separate standard templates for construction and architectural and engineering services.
  7. The cover pages of solicitations generated by the Automated Buyer Environment (ABE) must be used for solicitations issued by PWGSC (whether issued through ABE or manually posted on GETS). Manager's approval is required to issue solicitations that do not use ABE generated cover pages. Solicitations must specify the solicitation closing date on the cover page.
  8. Contracting officers must ensure that instructions for the submission of solicitations and the solicitation closing date and time for each solicitation are clearly stated in the procurement documents. Contracting officers must also ensure that the solicitation closing date, which appears on the Notice of Proposed Procurement, is consistent with the solicitation.

4.15.5 Green Procurement Requirements


  1. Contracting officers must ensure that value for money has been achieved for Canada. Value for money includes the consideration of many factors such as cost, performance, availability, quality and environmental performance.
  2. Contracting officers must consider green procurement in the preparation of solicitation documents and resulting contracts, including requests for standing offers and requests for supply arrangements, to ensure that environmental considerations, if appropriate, are addressed. Contracting officers must also consult with relevant commodity teams with respect to Green Procurement Plans and Guide to Completion. Environmental considerations that are related to specific commodities can then be utilized in the procurement. Contracting officers should consider departmental green procurement targets and the green procurement experience of other departments.
  3. Until such time as standard clauses and conditions on environmental performance considerations have been developed centrally, they should be developed by contracting officers as appropriate to support the inclusion of environmental performance requirements, recognizing that they will have to be approved by Legal Services.
  4. Contracting officers can consult Annex 2.2: Green Procurement: Environmental Factors and Evaluation Indicators for a list of factors to be considered in developing the solicitation, as well as the Green Procurement Checklist within the Environmental Awareness Tool Kit.
  5. For additional information, consult the Developing Green Procurement Specifications within the Environmental Awareness Tool Kit and section 3.2 Selection According to Technical Capacity of the Guideline for Integration of Environmental Performance Considerations in Federal Government Procurement.
  6. Contracting officers can contact the Green Procurement Team, within the Procurement Renewal Office, by e-mail at, to obtain assistance with integrating environmental considerations in their solicitation documents.

4.15.10 Methods of Responding to a Solicitation


  1. The method and location of bid receipt must be specified in the solicitation.
  2. The following methods of response may be used:
    1. in writing and submitted to the specified Bid Receiving Unit: all ($) dollar values;
    2. in writing and submitted directly to the contracting officer: below $25,000, including all applicable taxes;
    3. verbally by telephone:
      1. below $25,000, including all applicable taxes;
      2. any amount, in cases of documented extreme urgency (director's approval is mandatory);
    4. on electronic media (such as DVDs, USB key(s), CD(s)) and submitted to the specified Bid Receiving Unit;
    5. by facsimile;
    6. by epost Connect service.
  3. When some method of responding is not acceptable contracting officers must clearly indicate this in the solicitation and should also indicate this in the Notice of Proposed Procurement.

4.15.15 Technical Data


  1. For technical data, not owned by PWGSC, the contracting officer must ensure that the government obtains the right for the distribution and use of such data.
  2. For DND requirements form PWGSC-TPSGC 1065, Request for Distribution of Technical Data, must be used. Contracting Officers must send (by fax,/ e-mail, etc.) the completed form to DSCOs repository section / staff DSCO 4-7 @ the National Printing Bureau (NPB - 45  Blvd. Sacré-Coeur, Gatineau, QC) in sufficient time to ensure that the data will be available when the bid solicitation is issued.
  3. PWGSC will not provide data available to potential bidders through normal business channels.

    Examples of such material technical data are specifications of Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), National Electrical Maintenance Association (NEMA), Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) Standards and the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB).