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3.50.5. Applicability of trade agreements to standing offers and supply arrangements

  1. Contracting officers must determine whether any or all of the trade agreements apply to each procurement.
  2. The applicability of the trade agreements to standing offers and supply arrangements depends on three factors:
    1. if the department for which the standing offer or supply arrangement is intended is subject to the agreement(s);
    2. if the good or service is subject to the agreement(s); and,
    3. if the total estimated value of all the call-ups (contracts) against a standing offer or all contracts under a supply arrangement (which determines the total estimated value of the offer or arrangement) is at or above the trade agreement threshold.
  3. The total estimated value is determined before tendering, at which time it is identified whether or not any of the trade agreements apply. If they do apply, SOs and SAs are solicited in accordance with the agreements.
  4. Under a Standing Offer, call-ups do not constitute separate procurements for trade agreement purposes and can be made without reference to trade agreement procedures, provided the procedures set out in the SO for making call-ups is followed.
  5. Under a Supply Arrangement, the subsequent individual contracts cannot be made under the SA without having considered, whether at the RFSA stage or at the point of placing an individual contract, trade agreement applicability and procedural obligations.
  6. For more information on determining coverage, see Section 1.25.3 Determining coverage under a trade agreement.
  7. For more information on trade agreements and the use of supply arrangements, see International Trade Agreements and Use of Supply Arrangements to Ongoing Qualification Process.