3.30. Methods of Supply

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  1. Public Works and Government Services Canada ( PWGSC) uses a variety of approaches to meet procurement requirements. This spectrum ranges from specific contracts which precisely define the deliverables to be provided to a specific client by a specific date, to various procurement instruments for use by a single or many departments and agencies, for needs which are sometimes less well defined at the outset.
  2. There are essentially three methods of supply for procuring goods and services, which are:
    1. contracts (including contracts with task authorizations);
    2. standing offers, and
    3. supply arrangements.
  3. The contracting officer, in consultation with the client, chooses the method of supply that best satisfies the client's requirements.
  4. For additional information on when to use a contract (including contracts with task authorizations), a standing offer or a supply arrangement, see 3.35 Contracts, 3.40 Standing offer method of supply and 3.45 Supply arrangement method of supply. Contracting officers should also consult the comparison table in Annex 3.8: Comparaison of Different methods of Supply to assist them in determining which method of supply should be used when the precise nature, quantity and/or timing of the need cannot be set out in advance.