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3.22.5. Exceptions to Processes when an Emergency

  1. With respect to the Vendor Performance Corrective Measure Policy (VPCMP), an exception may be made in accordance with section 8.180.25 Exceptions.
  2. With respect to the Integrity Provisions (see section 3.51 Integrity Overview), contracting officers must verify with the Registrar of ineligibility and suspension (the Registrar) that the supplier is not ineligible to be awarded a contract. Where the emergency is occurring after hours and the Registrar is not available, contracting officers should make reasonable effort to consult the public Ineligibility and Suspension List prior to awarding the contract and complete the verification process the following day. If a contract has been awarded to an ineligible supplier as a result of an emergency, contracting officers must contact the Acquisitions Program Integrity Secretariat at for instructions on how to notify the Departmental Oversight Branch (DOB) that a contract was awarded to an ineligible supplier.