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1.20.10. Defence Production Act

  1. The Defence Production Act (DPA) gives the Minister of PWGSC the responsibility to administer the DPA and the exclusive authority to buy or otherwise acquire defence supplies and construct defence projects required by the Department of National Defence, subject to exceptions listed at subsection 10(2) of the DPA. All PWGSC contracts for defence supplies or projects are governed by the provisions of the DPA.
  2. The DPA includes the following three parts: (1) Procurement of Defence Supplies; (2) Regulations of Access to Controlled Goods; and (3) Offence and Punishment.
  3. In Part 1, section 11 permits the Minister, if authorized by the Governor in Council, to do or undertake, on behalf of an associated government, any act or thing that the Minister is empowered to do or undertake under the Act. Sections 12 to 15 deal with the Minister's mandate to organize and control the Canadian defence industry. Section 16 provides wide powers to the Minister with respect to the procurement, production or disposal of defence supplies or defence projects. Sections 21 to 25 deal with the administration of defence contracts.
  4. Part 2 deals with the regulation of access to controlled goods, including requirements for registration, offences and prohibitions. Part 3 defines offences, continuing offence and factors to consider when sentencing.