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In the event the Contractor fails to perform the work in accordance with 
the specifications and if this failure is not corrected within two (2) 
working days or if the same complaint is made twice or more within a period 
of 30 (thirty) days, the Contractor agrees to pay to Her Majesty _____ 
percent of Monthly Tendered Rate as liquidated damages.  The aforesaid 
amount is agreed to be a fair and reasonable estimate of damages or loss.

The parties further acknowledges that Section 36 of the Federal Court Act, 
Statutes of Canada 1970-71-72, Chapter 1, applies to this Contract.

Her Majesty shall have the right to holdback, drawback, deduct and set off 
from and against the amounts of any monies owing at any time by Her Majesty 
to the Contractor, any liquidated damages owing and unpaid under this 

Nothing in this article is to be interpreted as limiting the right and 
remedies which Her Majesty and the Minister may otherwise be entitled to 
under this Contract.


In addition to any other right to termination set out in the General 
Conditions forming part of the Contract, the Minister shall have the right 
to terminate this agreement on giving thirty (30) days' notice to the 
Contractor, such notice to be sufficient if given by registered mail.


This agreement does not create a Master and Servant agreement as between 
the parties hereto, and does not invoke any provisions relating to the 
Master and Servant's Act of British Columbia or otherwise, provided that 
the consideration hereunder is acceptable and the performance of the 
Contract is in accordance with the terms hereof.

Statement of qualifications and competency must be provided by the 
Contractor with the proposal.

The prospective Contractor will be required to provide three (3) written 
references of satisfactory work from clients where the scope of work is 
equivalent to that listed in the attached specification, prior to a 

The Crown reserves the right to reject Tenders from contractors who are 
unable to provide evidence that they are capable of providing the necessary 
labour, materials, equipment and adequate financial arrangements for 
satisfactory performance of the work and the provision of the services 
specified herein.

Contractors must be able to provide a breakdown of labour allowed on the 
bid price.  This will include hours allowed for light and heavy work per 
task.  Failure to comply within 24 hours from a request by Supply and 
Services Canada may result in the Contractor's bid being rejected.

The successful bidder will be required to provide a time schedule to Supply 
and Services Canada and _____ within fifteen (15) working days from award 
of Contract.

Equipment/Supplies - Appendix B-3 must be completed and submitted with this 
proposal prior to the closing date.

Ratification of contract is subject to satisfactory security clearance of 
   all persons employed for this work.  Contractor's employees must agree 
   to provide information of a personal nature for security clearance