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Tenders data is a downloadable spreadsheet version of the Government of Canada (GC) tender notices published on

What can I do with Tenders data files?

Tenders data are available in Comma Separated Values (CSV) file format and can be downloaded to sort, filter, and search information contained in GC tender notices. As data available in machine-readable format, citizens, the private sector and non-government organizations can leverage the data in innovative and value-added ways.

Tenders data files are available to allow self-customized analysis of tender information to identify and follow specific opportunities of interest. The tenders data file contains the same information as the search capabilities of Anyone can import these data to their desktop or enterprise applications to:

  • Conduct market research and identify potential business partners based on recently awarded contracts.
  • Identify the department or agency for whom a contract was put in place.
  • Analyze markets, predict trends and requirements.

How do I find new tender notices or follow a particular tender for amendments?

Although Tenders data files are updated every day, we recommend that you follow daily Government of Canada tender notices and amendments using the search capabilities on the web site. Read the Get Started web page to learn more about the search capabilities and how to follow a tender notice for updates.

Data Fields and Definitions

The following is a definition list of the data fields used in Tenders. The Procurement Data Dictionary is also available as an XML open data format for download at Tender Notices on the Government of Canada's website

For definitions of other procurement-related terminology, please consult the Supply Manual Glossary.

Amendment date
The date a tender notice is amended. This includes the date and time published in Eastern time, according to regular publishing schedules.
Amendment number
The numeric count of the number of amendments against an original document.
Award date
Date on which a contract came into effect.
Files containing extra material (such as charts, tables, diagrams, etc.) that are attached to a tender notice.
Award notice
An award notice announces a contract awarded to a supplier as the result of a tender notice.
Closing date
The date of closing for a tender notice. This includes the date and time, with the time zone, where the tender notice is closing.
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement
Indicates (yes or no) if the region is covered by one or more Comprehensive Land Claim Agreements that pertain to federal procurement regarding Aboriginal peoples, in accordance with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.
Contract number
A unique identifier assigned to a contract.
Contract sequence number
The number of contracts that have been issued by PWGSC against a specific requisition.
Contracting Authority
The Contracting Authority is responsible for the management of the Contract, and any changes to the Contract must be authorized in writing by the Contracting Authority.
The medium of exchange as defined by reference to the geographical location of the authorities responsible for it.
Date published
The date a tender notice is publicly published.
Date updated
Indicates the date that an update was made to the original notice.
End user information
The end user information identifies the entity (e.g. client department, agency, Crown corporation) on whose behalf the standing offer or supply arrangement has been put in place.
Estimated value
The estimated value, in currency, of a procurement, either potential, existing, awarded, or contracted.
File type
The format, or type, of a file.
The Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) is the code used by the federal government to identify generic product descriptions for its procurement activities.
Limited tender reason
The reason for how/why a solicitation was awarded, for a non-competitive procurement.
Publication date
The date a tender notice is published. This includes the date and time published in Eastern time, according to regular publishing schedules.
Reference number
An identifier assigned to a published tender notice.
Region of delivery
The applicable region(s) of delivery that apply to a particular notice.
Region of opportunity
The applicable region(s) that apply to a particular notice's opportunity area(s).
Selection criteria
The criteria by which a supplier is selected for a contract award in the case of competitive solicitations/procurements.
Solicitation documents
The main solicitation documents attached to a notice, if available. They are always presented as a pair, in English and French.
Solicitation method
Specifies the solicitation method used as a precursor to contract award.
Solicitation number
A solicitation identifier that is issued by a government department that is found in tender notices and award notices on GETS (ie: NPP, ACAN).
Solicitation status
The various states that a published solicitation may potentially go through.
Supplier information
The name and address of a supplier, who has been registered in VIM and/or SRI, to do business with a government department in supplying goods/services.
Tender notice description
A detailed description of the tender notice. This includes items such as any introductory or purpose text, a description of the notice, background information, instructions, any mandatory text inclusions, and line item information. The information included in this description does not duplicate the information or details found in the attachments, such as clauses or sample documents.
Tender notice type
Identification of the various types of tender notices that may be published by PWGSC and/or other government departments. Tender notice types include the following and are hyperlinked to the appropriate definition found in PWGSC's Supply Manual Glossary:
A succinct title, or name, that summarizes the tender notice. This title is shared with any resulting contract and tender award notice, in both official languages.
Trade agreement
Specifies the trade agreement applicable to the tender notice.
Specifies the monetary value of the contract.

Disclaimer and Download

Tender data carries an Open Government Licence - Canada that governs its use. Related solicitation documents and/or tender attachments are copyright protected. These may include, but are not limited to items such as solicitation documents, charts, tables, diagrams, Design Specification Packages (DSP). Please refer to the section about Commercial Reproduction in the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Files for Download

View and download open data files for active and expired tender notices and tender awards at Tender Notices on the Government of Canada's website


Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

Date Published


Date Captured


Time Period

Since June 2013

Update Frequency




Description of Data

Government of Canada tender information published in accordance with the Financial Administration Act, all Schedule I, Schedule II and Schedule III of those departments, agencies, Crown corporations, and other entities (unless specifically exempt) who must comply with the Government of Canada trade agreement obligations.

Source of Data

Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

Available Formats

CSV/Text file (comma separated values file)