Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Innovation Call For Proposals (CFP) 2019 (W7714-19DRDC/B)

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2019/09/23 14:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


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Request for Proposal (RFP)
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  • Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)
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Public Works and Government Services Canada
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Public Works and Government Services Canada

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Baxter, Emily
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10 Wellington St
Gatineau, QC
K1A 0S5

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19-09-2019 - Amendment 012

The purpose of this amendment is to respond to potential bidders’ questions, revise a previous response, and extend the solicitation closing date.


16-09-2019 - Amendment 011

The purpose of this amendment is to respond to potential bidders’ questions and revise the solicitation document.


10-09-2019 - Amendment 010

The purpose of this amendment is to respond to potential bidders’ questions.


04-09-2019 - Amendment 009

The purpose of this amendment is to revise previous Response 61, respond to potential bidders’ questions, and amend Challenge 16.


26-08-2019 - Amendment 008

The purpose of this amendment is to respond to potential bidders’ questions.


22-08-2019 - Amendment 007

The purpose of this amendment is to amend Annex E.


20-08-2019 - Amendment 006

The purpose of this amendment is to respond to potential bidders’ questions.


14-08-2019 - Amendment 005

The purpose of this amendment is to respond to potential bidders’ questions and amend Annexes E and F.


06-08-2019 - Amendment 004

The purpose of this amendment is to respond to potential bidders’ questions.


01-08-2019 - Amendment 003

The purpose of this amendment is to respond to potential bidders’ questions and extend the solicitation closing date.


29-07-2019 - Amendment 002

The purpose of this amendment is to respond to potential bidders’ questions.


25-07-2019 - Amendment 001

The purpose of this amendment is to revise Part 3 and respond to potential bidders’ questions.


This CFP is an invitation to bidders to submit innovative science and technology (S&T) proposals in support of Canada’s defence, security and public safety. 

More specifically, this CFP identifies S&T Challenges (see Annex B of the CFP) that relate to the following DRDC programs and for which innovative solutions are sought:

Stream A: Public Safety and Security

DRDC is looking for novel ideas and innovative solutions to resolve public safety and security S&T Challenges under the following themes: Mitigating the Safety and Security Impact of Climate Change, Mitigating National Security Risks, and Protecting and Connecting Safety and Security Professionals. Stream A is primarily in support of Canada’s resilience through Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP) S&T investments. The CSSP mission is to strengthen Canada's ability to anticipate, prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters, serious accidents, and crime and terrorism through the convergence of S&T with policy, operations, and intelligence.

Stream B: Support to Canada’s Defence Policy “Strong, Secure, Engaged”

Stream B is in support of Canada’s new Defence Policy “Strong, Secure, Engaged”. The policy notes that innovative technology, knowledge, and problem solving are critical for Canada and its allies to mitigate new threats, stay ahead of potential adversaries, and meet evolving defence and security needs, while generating economic benefits for Canada. Stream B focuses on the following themes: Personal Safety During Extreme Weather Events; Unmanned Aerial Systems for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); Space-based ISR; and Space Situational Awareness


The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) applies to this procurement.


The requirement is conditionally limited to Canadian goods and/or services.

The following may apply to the resulting contract(s), based on the Proposal:

  1. A security requirement may be associated with this requirement. Valid security clearances may be required to execute a project described in a proposal from the finalized pool of pre-qualified proposals for funding. Canada will determine the level of security required for the project and will be responsible for managing the acquisition of any necessary security clearances.
    For more information on personnel and organization security screening or security clauses, bidders should refer to the Contract Security Program of Public Works and Government Services Canada website. (
  2. The region of delivery for the goods and/or services may be delivered in an area subject to Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements (CLCAs).
  3. This procurement is subject to the Controlled Goods Program.
  4. The Federal Contractors Program (FCP) for Employment Equity may apply to this procurement (see the CFP, Part 5 – Certifications and Additional Information).


The mandatory and point rated evaluation criteria are included in Annex C of the DRDC Innovation CFP 2019.


Proposals that satisfy all of the applicable mandatory criteria, achieve the specified minimum pass marks and meet all other requirements of the CFP will be considered responsive and placed in the pool of pre-qualified proposals and submitted to the Proposal Selection Committee (PSC). This is not a guarantee that a responsive proposal will be selected for funding or that a contract will be awarded.

All responsive proposals will be considered for funding in accordance with the selection process summarized in the CFP.


The DRDC Innovation CFP is available electronically under "Solicitation Documents" below.


Emily Baxter
Supply Team Leader
Public Works and Government Services Canada
Acquisitions Branch
10 Wellington St.
Gatineau, Quebec
K1A 0S5

Telephone: (819) 230-2938
E-mail address:

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If you have questions specific to this procurement, please contact the Contracting Authority (see the "Contact Information" section above).

If you need help understanding the federal procurement process or registering as a supplier, contact the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises. We have a network of offices across Canada.

Solicitation Documents

FileAmendment numberLanguageUnique Download Event (English page)Date added
en_defence_research_and_development_canada_drdc_innovation_call_for_pr._.pdf000English- 2019-07-19
fr_rddc_appel_de_propositions_dinnovation_2019.pdf000French- 2019-07-19
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_001.pdf001English- 2019-07-25
w7714-19drdcb_modification_001.pdf001French- 2019-07-25
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_002.pdf002English- 2019-07-29
w7714-19drdcb_modification_002.pdf002French- 2019-07-29
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_003.pdf003English- 2019-08-01
w7714-19drdcb_modification_003.pdf003French- 2019-08-01
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_004.pdf004English- 2019-08-06
w7714-19drdcb_modification_004.pdf004French- 2019-08-06
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_005.pdf005English- 2019-08-14
w7714-19drdcb_modification_005.pdf005French- 2019-08-14
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_006.pdf006English- 2019-08-20
w7714-19drdcb_modification_006.pdf006French- 2019-08-20
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_007.pdf007English- 2019-08-22
w7714-19drdcb_modification_007.pdf007French- 2019-08-22
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_008.pdf008English- 2019-08-26
w7714-19drdcb_modification_008.pdf008French- 2019-08-26
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_009.pdf009English- 2019-09-04
w7714-19drdcb_modification_009.pdf009French- 2019-09-04
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_010.pdf010English- 2019-09-10
w7714-19drdcb_modification_010.pdf010French- 2019-09-10
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_011.pdf011English- 2019-09-16
w7714-19drdcb_modification_011.pdf011French- 2019-09-16
w7714-19drdcb_amendment_012.pdf012English- 2019-09-19
w7714-19drdcb_modification_012.pdf012French- 2019-09-19


FileAmendment numberLanguageUnique Download Event (English page)Date added
en_annex_d1_work_plan_milestone_breakdown.xlsxNot availableBilingual- 2019-07-19
en_annex_d2_-_work_plan_-_risk_and_mitigation.xlsxNot availableEnglish- 2019-07-19
At request of the procurement entity, this file was removed.
Not availableEnglish- 2019-07-19
en_annex_f_-_project_manager_and_key_project_team_members_experience.docxNot availableEnglish- 2019-07-19
en_annex_g_-_partnership_signature_form.docxNot availableEnglish- 2019-07-19
en_annex_l_statement_of_work_example.docxNot availableBilingual- 2019-07-19
en_annex_m_cost_breakdown_example.xlsNot availableEnglish- 2019-07-19
fr_annexe_d-2_-_plan_de_travail_-_risques_et_mesures_dattenuation.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2019-07-19
fr_annexe_d1_-_plan_de_travail_-_ventilation_des_etapes_.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2019-07-19
At request of the procurement entity, this file was removed.
Not availableFrench- 2019-07-19
fr_annexe_f_-_experience_du_gestionnaire_de_projet_et_des_membres_cles_d._.docxNot availableBilingual- 2019-07-19
fr_annexe_g_-_formulaire_de_signature_des_partenaires_volet_a_seulement._.docxNot availableFrench- 2019-07-19
fr_annexe_l_modele_denonce_des_travaux.docxNot availableFrench- 2019-07-19
fr_annexe_m_modele_de_ventilation_des_couts_par_etape.xlsNot availableFrench- 2019-07-19
At request of the procurement entity, this file was removed.
Not availableEnglish- 2019-08-14
en_annex_f_-_project_manager_and_key_project_team_members_version2.docxNot availableEnglish- 2019-08-14
At request of the procurement entity, this file was removed.
Not availableFrench- 2019-08-14
fr_annexe_f_-_experience_du_gestionnaire_de_projet_et_des_version2.docxNot availableFrench- 2019-08-14
en_annex_e_detailed_budget_table_version3.xlsxNot availableEnglish- 2019-08-22
fr_annexe_e_tableau_du_budget_detaille_version3.xlsxNot availableFrench- 2019-08-22