Hand Tools, Power Driven

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GSIN Description
Hand Tools, Power Driven
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Hand Tools
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
N5130 Hand Tools, Power-Driven
N5130A Power Driven Hand Tool Accessories
N5130B Power and Cartridge Actuated Hand Tools
N5130C Electric Portable Tools, All Types
N5130D Pneumatic Portable Tools, All Types
N5130E Drill, Masonry, Power Hammer
N5130F Drill, Masonry, Rotary Driven
N5130AA Brush, Wire, Rotary Wheel for Hand Power Tools
N5130AB Wheels, Abrasive and Buffing for Hand Power Tools
N5130AC Bits, Screwdriver, Power Tool
N5130AD Nut Runners and Screwdrivers, Electric
N5130BA Cutters, Cable, Cartridge Actuated
N5130BB Driver, Stud, Powder Actuated
N5130CA Drills, Electric, Portable
N5130CB Grinders, Electric, Portable
N5130CC Hammers, Electric, Portable
N5130CD Nibbler, Electric, Portable
N5130CE Polisher, Portable, Electric, Aircraft
N5130CF Routers, Electric, Portable
N5130CG Sander, Belt, Electric, Portable
N5130CH Sander, Disk, Electric, Portable
N5130CJ Sander, Oscillating Pad, Electric, Portable
N5130CK Saw, Circular, Portable, Electric
N5130CL Saw, Reciprocating, Portable, Electric
N5130CM Tools, Electric, Portable, N.E.S.
N5130CN Wrenches, Impact, Electric
N5130DA Drills Pneumatic, Portable
N5130DB Hammers, Chipping, Pneumatic
N5130DC Nut Runner and Screwdriver, Pneumatic
N5130DD Sander, Oscillating Pad, Pneumatic, Portable
N5130DE Saw, Circular, Portable, Pneumatic
N5130DF Saw, Reciprocating, Portable Pneumatic
N5130DG Tools, Pneumatic, Portable, N.E.S.
N5130DH Wrenches, Impact, Pneumatic
N5130DJ Grinders, Pneumatic
N5130DK Socket, Socket Wrench, Impact Type

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