Printing, Duplicating and Bookbinding Equipment

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GSIN Description
Printing, Duplicating and Bookbinding Equipment
GSIN Category
GSIN Group Description
Special Industry Machinery
GSIN Code Status
Not applicable

GSIN direct descendents

Code Title
N3610 Printing, Duplicating and Bookbinding Equipment
N3610B Duplicating Equipment
N3610C Printing Equipment
N3610D Cutters, Paper, Guillotine (Except Office Type)
N3610E Cutting Stick, Paper Cutter
N3610F Drilling Machines, Paper, Power Operated
N3610G Folding, Machines, Paper
N3610H Jogging Machine, Paper
N3610J Paper, Tympan
N3610K Rules
N3610L Screen, Halftone
N3610M Screen Set, Halftone
N3610N Table, Line-Up and Register
N3610P Sink, Processing, Lithographic
N3610AA Binding Machines, Plastic Binding Element
N3610AB Bookbinding Machinery
N3610AC Perforation Machine, Paper Bindery
N3610AD Stitcher, Book and Pamphlet
N3610AE Thermobinding Equipment
N3610BA Blueprint Developing Machines
N3610BB Camera, Copying
N3610BC Copying Machine, Diazo Process (White Printer)
N3610BD Offset and Duplicating Equipment
N3610BE Photocopying Machines and Accessories
N3610BF Transparency Maker
N3610CA Attachments, Printing Press
N3610CB Cabinets, Printing, Type Case
N3610CC Casting Machine (Monotype) Parts
N3610CD Cleaner Sheet, Offset Printing Press Roller
N3610CE Composing Stick, Copy Line Photolithographic
N3610CF Covers, Roller, Offset Printing Press (Goods)
N3610CG Frame, Printing, Vacuum
N3610CH Key, Quoins, Type Form Lock
N3610CJ Gage, Printing Line
N3610CK Offset Blankets
N3610CL Pad, Lithographic Plate Solution
N3610CM Plates, Lithographic, Printing
N3610CP Type, Printing Equipment
N3610CQ Paper, Lithographic Plate Cleaning
N3610CR Conditioner, Electrostatic Plate
N3610CS Cotton Pads, Cleaning, Printing Press
N3610KA Rules, Paper Cutting
N3610KB Rules, Paper Perforating
N3610AAA Binding Line, Adhesive, Production Equipment
N3610BAL Blueprint and White Printer Accessories (Edge Binders, Trimmers, Etc.)
N3610BBA Camera, Copying, Lithographic
N3610BBB Camera, Copying, Electrostatic Processor
N3610BDA Duplicating Equipment, Spirit Process
N3610BDB Duplicating Equipment, Stencil Process
N3610BDC Duplicating Equipment, Offset Process
N3610BDD Offset Equipment, Sheet Fed
N3610BDE Offset Equipment - Web
N3610BEA Photocopying Machines, N.E.S.
N3610BEB Photocopying Machines, High Speed Duplicating
N3610BEC Photocopier Control/Audit System
N3610BED Photocopying Machines, Laser-Intelligent Copier
N3610BEL Photocopying Machines, Full Colour
N3610BEM Photocopying Machines, Library Book
N3610BEN Photocopying Machines, Engineering
N3610CKA Offset Blankets, Rubber, Printing Press (Except Standard)
N3610CKB Offset Blankets, Rubber, Printing Press, Prequalified, CAN/CGSB 21.5-93, Stock Numbers 3610-21-867-2685 Thru - 2692, - 2710 Thru - 2713 and - 869 - 3491 Thru - 3499
N3610CKC Offset Blankets, Polyfibron Printing Press
N3610CMA Plates, Lithographic, Printing, Metal
N3610CMB Plates, Lithographic, Printing, Paper
N3610CMF Lithographic Plate Equipment (Plate Processors, Vacuum Frames Etc.)
N3610CPA Type, Metal, Printing
N3610CPB Type, Printing
N3610CPC Type, Printing (Letter Press)

Contact for this GSIN Code

There is no available contact for this GSIN code.