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PD Division - Consumer Goods and Information Products Division (PD-PI)

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Contacts for Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) Codes

Contacts for GSIN Codes

Procurement Division Code
Division Name and Contact Page
Consumer Goods and Information Products Division (PD-PI)

GSIN codes under this procurement division

Code Title Code status
K102B Food Catering Services Active
N3550 Vending and Coin Operated Machines Active
N3590 Service and Trade Equipment, Miscellaneous Active
N3605 Food Products Machinery and Equipment Active
N6840 Pest Control Agents and Disinfectants Active
N7045 Computer Supplies Active
N7050 ADP Components Active
N7210 Household Furnishings Active
N7310 Food, Cooking, Baking and Serving Equipment Active
N7320 Kitchen Equipment and Appliances Active
N7330 Kitchen Hand Tools and Utensils Active
N7340 Cutlery and Flatware Active
N7350 Tableware Active
N7360 Sets, Kits and Outfits, Food Preparation and Serving Active
N7510 Office Supplies Active
N7520 Office Devices and Accessories Active
N7530 Stationery and Record Forms Active
N7660 Sheet and Book Music Active
N7710 Musical Instruments Active
N7720 Musical Instrument Parts and Accessories Active
N7810 Athletic and Sporting Equipment Active
N7820 Games, Toys and Wheeled Goods Active
N8710 Forage and Feed Active
N8720 Fertilizers Active
N8730 Seeds and Nursery Stock Active
N8905 Meat, Poultry and Fish (replaced by gsin N8905Z) Active
N8910 Dairy Foods and Eggs (replaced by gsin N8910Z) Active
N8915 Fruits and Vegetables (replaced by gsin N8915Z) Active
N8920 Bakery and Cereal Products (replaced by gsin N8920Z) Active
N8940 Special Dietary Foods and Food Speciality Preparations (replaced by gsin N8940Z) Active
N8955 Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Active
N8960 Beverages, Non-Alcoholic (replaced by gsin N8960Z) Active
N8970 Composite Food Packages Active
N8975 Tobacco Products Active
N9310 Paper and Paperboard Active
N9410 Crude Grade of Plant Materials Active
N9420 Fibers Vegetable, Animal and Synthetic Active
N9430 Miscellaneous Crude Animal Products, Inedible Active
N9440 Miscellaneous Crude Agricultural and Forestry Products Active
N9910 Jewelry Active
JX3590 Service and Trade Equipment, Miscellaneous - Repair Active
JX7320 Kitchen Equipment and Appliances - Repair and Overhaul Active
N3550B Parking Device Systems Active
N7310Q RANGES Active
N8710A Forage and Feed, Animals Active
N8710B Fish, Food Active
N8905Z Meat, Poultry and Fish Active
N8910D Eggs, Fresh (replaced by gsin N8910ZD) Active
N8910Z Dairy Active
N8915B Fruits and Vegetables, Fresh, Except Dietetic (replaced by gsin N8915Z) Active
N8915Z Fruits and Vegetables Active
N8920C Groceries, Miscellaneous (replaced by gsin N8920ZC) Active
N8920J Bread and Rolls (replaced by gsin N8920ZJ) Active
N8920K Cakes and Plum Pudding (replaced by gsin N8920ZK) Active
N8920Z Bakery Products Active
N8940G Potato chips (replaced by gsin N8920ZG) Active
N8940Z Special Dietary Foods and Food Specialty Preparations Active
N8955A Coffee (replaced by gsin N8955ZA) Active
N8960E Water, Potable, Bottled (replaced by gsin N8960ZC) Active
N8960F Water, Potable, Bulk (replaced by gsin N8960ZF) Active
N8960Z Soft Drinks Active
N8970B Lunches, Boxed (replaced by gsin N8970ZB) Active
N9910C Trophies Active
N7530MB Paper - Copying, Bond, White for Photocopies, Printers, Fax and General Purpose Active
N8905ZA Fish Active
N8910BB Milk, Skim, Dry (replaced by gsin N8920ZC) Active
N8910ZA Cheese Active
N8910ZD Eggs Active
N8920ZC Groceries, Miscellaneous Active
N8920ZJ Bread and Rolls Active
N8920ZK Bakery, Specialties, Not Elsewhere Specified Active
N8940ZG Potato Chips Active
N8940ZP Kosher, Foods Active
N8955ZA Coffee Active
N8960ZC Water, Bottled Drinking Active
N8965ZA Beverages, Alcoholic Active
N8970ZB Lunches, Boxed Active
WR8960Z Beverage Concentrate with Rental Dispensers Active
JX7310AA Galley Equipment, except Aircraft - Repair Active
N8915ZFJ Juice, Concentrate Active