Best Practices for Bidding: A Checklist

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You must

  • Read all terms and conditions thoroughly.
  • Meet all mandatory criteria.
  • Respond to all sections, regardless of point value (Note: not all evaluations are point-rated).
  • Provide the number of copies of your bid as requested in the solicitation document.
  • Make sure that all certifications are included with your bid, if requested.
  • Remember that the contracting officer, not the end-user, is your only point of contact during the bidding process.
  • Sign your bid and make sure to fill in and sign all required elements (e.g. certifications) within your bid.
  • Follow the instructions completely and submit your bid on time and to the right place.

Failure to do the above could result in your bid being deemed non-responsive or non-compliant.

You should

  • Organize your bid so that it is complete, concise and precise.
  • Include the following on the front page of your bid:
    • The reference number you have assigned to the bid for legal purposes;
    • Public Works and Government Services Canada file number and the date; and
    • The name, address and phone number of your contact person.
  • Write an executive summary, paginate, and include a table of contents.
  • While responding to all criteria, pay particular attention to sections that may carry more points in point-rated evaluations.
  • Put your logo or business name on every page.
  • Have fresh eyes do a quality review of your bid before submitting it.
  • After the contract has been awarded, ask the contracting officer for a debriefing.