Request for Information about environmentally sound disposal of wrecked, abandoned and hazardous vessels

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Website service advisory: 2020-10-01

August 26, 2020 - Ottawa - The Government of Canada has issued a Request for Information (RFI) on the options available for services for the environmentally sound disposal of wrecked, abandoned and hazardous vessels, in particular smaller fibreglass-hulled and / or wood-hulled vessels, in Canadian waters.

Interested industry stakeholders and Indigenous partners are invited to read the full details in the RFI at OPP/WAHV - Environmental Strategy (EVC01-202001/B) on Be sure to subscribe to the RFI notice to receive updates via the email notification service.

The Government of Canada is developing a National Procurement Strategy to Address Wrecked, Abandoned and Hazardous Vessels. The intent is to issue supply arrangements to companies that can provide the required services across Canada.

In a previous RFI related to the development of the national strategy, the Government of Canada sought feedback from industry and from Indigenous partners on their capacity to provide services to address wrecked and abandoned or hazardous vessels along Canada’s major waterways. It is now looking to learn more about certain specific services, including incineration and recycling, and their availability across Canada.

For questions relating to the RFI, please contact Chantal Pilon, Contracting Authority, Public Services and Procurement Canada, at


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