Frequently Asked Questions about Tenders from NSPA

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What is the difference between the NSPA page and the official NSPA page?

The NSPA page contains a “snapshot” of the titles for tender notices present on the NSPA eportal. There is a 48-hour delay on the information presented on the website. This delay has been introduced for quality assurance purposes to ensure a bilingual content for all tenders. For the most current list of notices, visit the official NSPA website.

What is the purpose of this initiative?

Canadian businesses currently only provide approximately 1% of the total value of goods and services procured by NATO through (NSPA). Canada is looking to increasing visibility of NATO notices to Canadian businesses by showcasing them on

Is the information provided in real time? is re-publishing the NATO tenders. The NSPA eportal is the authoritative source of the NATO tenders information. There is a potential delay with the feed displayed. In the event of any discrepancy between the information on and that of the NSPA page, the official NSPA information shall override.

Why can I get information or documents only in one language from the NSPA site?

With the intent of increasing visibility to new markets for Canadian suppliers, is providing a “snapshot” Buyandsell redirects the user to the official NSPA eportal for complete information on all tender notices. These tenders are not issued by Public Services and Procurement Canada. Given this, the Official Languages act does not apply to NSPA. As a result documents may only be available in one language on the NSPA eportal.

What is the difference between tenders on and NSPA tenders?

The NSPA tenders page represent a snapshot only of the notices available on the NSPA eportal and is integrated into the search function on the Therefore, the search function on the website will yield results on NSPA notices.

Will users be able to be notified on NSPA notices if they are already subscribed to Web feeds/Email notifications?

NSPA notices are separate from the Government of Canada notices. However, users subscribed to Web feeds/Email notifications will also be notified of NSPA notices.

I have questions on the NSPA notices page, who do I contact?

For any questions regarding the NSPA notices page, please contact the Team at:
Achatsetventes.Buyingandselling [at] (subject: Questions%20with%20NSPA)