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2013/08/23 14:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


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National Capital Region
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Letter of Interest (LOI)/Request for Information (RFI)
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Public Works and Government Services Canada
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Natural Resources Canada

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O'Sullivan, Patrick
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(613) 996-8261 ( )
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(613) 947-1892
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11 Laurier St. / 11, rue Laurier
10C1, Place du Portage
Gatineau, Québec   K1A 0S5

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Trade Agreement: NONE
Tendering Procedures: All interested suppliers may submit a bid
Attachment: None
Competitive Procurement Strategy: N/A - P&A/LOI Only
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No
Nature of Requirements: 
File Number:  23240-120758/D



1.	Purpose of this Request for Information

1.1.	The Government of Canada (Canada) is intending to procure
the services of a contractor to manage the operations of what
are today known as Atomic Energy of Canada Limited's (AECL's)
Nuclear Laboratories under a Government-owned and
Contractor-operated (GoCo) model.  The purpose of this Request
for Information (RFI) is to solicit input and feedback from
industry on various elements of the proposed procurement
process, which is described in more detail below.  Specifically,
the objectives of this RFI are to: 

	(a) inform suppliers about the proposed procurement process,
along with the associated timelines and national security
requirements and to solicit feedback on any aspect of the
procurement process;

	(b) solicit feedback on the draft mandatory technical criteria
to be used to pre-qualify suppliers during the Request for
Response Evaluation (RFRE) pre-screening and industry detailed
consultation stage; and,

	(c) provide information on security clearance requirements so
as to solicit feedback on these items and prompt suppliers to
initiate security clearance processes if required.

1.2.	This RFI will also be used to seek input on the scope and
interest of suppliers in participating in a broader nuclear
innovation agenda.
1.3.	To facilitate feedback on these, and other relevant topics,
several specific questions are provided in Appendix B.  To
support informed feedback, draft elements of the RFRE
pre-qualification document are provided in Appendix A.
1.4.	Finally, given the amount of time that Canada has allotted
for the procurement process, suppliers are encouraged to begin
preparing to meet the security requirements for the future
solicitation, including for example initiating any security
clearance processes that are required. 
2.	Overview of the AECL GoCo Procurement 

2.1.	Background

2.1.1.	In early 2012, Canada publicly launched the second phase
of the restructuring of AECL, focused on the Nuclear
Laboratories.  A Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI) No.
23240-120758/A was issued to determine stakeholder interest in
the Nuclear Laboratories.  Canada received 46 responses from
various stakeholders, including private sector organizations,
academic institutions, local governments and industry
2.1.2.	On February 28, 2013, the Minister of Natural Resources
announced that Canada would undertake a competitive procurement
process seeking a contractor to manage the operation of AECL's
Nuclear Laboratories using a GoCo model.  Similar models are
used in the management of nuclear operations in other
jurisdictions, such as the United States and the United Kingdom.
 Going forward, the Nuclear Laboratories will focus on three key
areas: (i) managing radioactive waste and decommissioning
responsibilities; (ii) performing science and technology
activities to meet core federal responsibilities; and (iii)
supporting Canada's nuclear industry through access to science
and technology facilities and expertise on a commercial basis.

2.1.3.	Throughout the restructuring of the Nuclear Laboratories,
and for the duration of the contract, Canada will continue its
role in maintaining safety, security and environmental
stewardship in all aspects of the nuclear industry.  The
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), Canada's independent
nuclear regulator, will continue to regulate the nuclear
industry in Canada.  During the restructuring process, Canada
will also take all steps necessary to protect national security.
2.2.	Objectives of the Procurement

2.2.1.	The objectives of this procurement are to reduce and
contain costs and risks for Canadian taxpayers, while seeking to
leverage the Nuclear Laboratories' capabilities and resources to
successfully deliver science and technology services, commercial
activities and radioactive waste and decommissioning management. 
2.2.2.	These objectives are expected to be met through (i) use
of best practices and innovative approaches that will enable
cost savings; (ii) accelerated decommissioning and waste
management; (iii) new revenue generation; (iv) solving complex
technical, financial and regulatory issues; and (v) ensuring
that the Nuclear Laboratories are safely and securely managed
and that the capabilities, resources and infrastructure required
to satisfy AECL's mandate are maintained.
2.2.3.	Over the course of a long-term contract, the Contractor
is expected to effect transformational change to best achieve
Canada's goals.  In this context, Canada anticipates that the
payment mechanism will compensate the Contractor based, in part,
on its success in achieving change; sharing in cost and project
timeline risks; and realizing cost savings and increased
commercial revenues.  Canada anticipates incorporating
target-cost pricing for specific projects as well as evolving
performance measures for the delivery of the annual program of
work.  Regarding science and technology (S&T) and other
services, Canada anticipates setting performance measures to
incent sustainable rates that incorporate fully-allocated costs.
2.3.	The Procurement Process

2.3.1.	The overall procurement for this requirement will be
conducted in one continuous process consisting of two separate
and sequential stages:

	(a) The RFRE stage, in which suppliers submit a Response that
will be evaluated to confirm that
mandatory technical criteria, financial capability requirements,
national security requirements, and certifications are met.  The
RFRE stage also includes detailed consultations with Qualified	
Respondents that have met the pre-qualification requirements of
the RFRE.  The detailed requirements and terms of the draft
Request for Proposal (RFP) and resulting contract will be made
available during the detailed consultations during the RFRE
stage for feedback from Qualified Respondents.  The detailed
consultation process will also be leveraged to receive input for
and feedback on the potential of federal investment in a nuclear
innovation agenda.  Unlike feedback received on requirements and
terms of the RFP, consultations on innovation will be used to
inform Canada's reflections on the path forward for federal
investment in a forward-looking nuclear innovation agenda and
will not impact the requirements for potential bidders to the
GoCo contract.  At the end of the RFRE stage, Qualified
Respondents will have been provided with the draft of the RFP.
	(b) The RFP stage, or bid solicitation process, is when bids
will be solicited from Qualified Respondents.  Only Qualified
Respondents from the RFRE stage will be eligible to submit bids
in the RFP stage.  In the RFP stage, bids will be evaluated
against mandatory and point rated technical criteria and
financial criteria.  Contract award is anticipated at the end of
the RFP stage.

3.	Nature of Request for Information

3.1.	This RFI is not a bid solicitation and will not result in
the award of any contract.  As a result, suppliers of any
services described in this RFI should not reserve stock or
facilities, nor allocate resources, as a result of any
information contained in this RFI.  Nor will this RFI result in
the creation of any source list.  Therefore, whether or not any
supplier responds to this RFI will not preclude that supplier
from participating in any future procurement.  Also, the
procurement of any of the services described in this RFI will
not necessarily follow this RFI.  This RFI is simply intended to
solicit feedback from suppliers with respect to the matters
described in this RFI.  Some of the content of this RFI may or
may not be used in procurement at a future date.  By responding
to the RFI, respondents agree with Canada making their
organizations name public.

4.	Response Costs

4.1.	Canada will not reimburse any supplier for expenses
incurred in responding to this RFI.
5.	Treatment of Responses

5.1.	Use of Responses: Responses will not be formally evaluated.
 However, responses may be used by Canada to develop or modify
procurement strategies or any draft documents contained in this
RFI. Canada will review all responses received by the RFI
closing date.  Canada may, in its discretion, review responses
received after the RFI closing date.

5.2.	Review Team: A review team composed of representatives of
Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), AECL and
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) will review the responses. 
Canada reserves the right to hire any independent consultant, or
use any government resources that it considers necessary to
review any response.  Not all members of the review team will
necessarily review all responses.

5.3.	Fairness Monitor: A Fairness Monitor will provide
independent validation on the fairness of this process.
5.4.	Confidentiality: Suppliers should mark any portions of
their response that they consider proprietary or confidential. 
Canada will handle the responses in accordance with applicable
legislation including the Access to Information Act.

5.5.	Follow-up: Canada may, in its discretion, contact any
Suppliers to follow up with additional questions or for
clarification of any aspect of a response.

6.	One-on-One Meetings

6.1.	Those parties who are interested in responding to this RFI
may request to participate in one-on-one meetings with Canada
prior to submitting their response to:

	(a)	Provide feedback on questions found in Appendix B;

	(b)	Clarify any questions they might have regarding the
process; and,

	(c)	Provide feedback on the draft RFRE and procurement process
or other related items.
6.2.	These meetings are scheduled to be held during the week of
August 12-16, 2013 in the National Capital Region.  Parties
wishing to participate in these meetings are invited to contact
the Contracting Authority using the above contact information on
or before August 5, 2013.  There is a limit of no more than 8
participants from their organization(s).  These meetings are in
addition to any Responses that parties may wish to submit in
advance of the RFI closing date.

6.3.	If, in the course of or arising out of a one-on-one
meeting, Canada provides any relevant and significant
information with respect to the procurement, then Canada will
publish such information.  Canada will, however, to the extent
fairness to all meeting participant permits, delete from any
such documentation information that is proprietary or
commercially-sensitive information concerning a meeting
participant to other third parties, except and only to the
extent required by law.

7.	Site Visits

7.1.	Suppliers may participate in a site visit to Chalk River
Laboratories scheduled for August 12, 2013.  If necessary, based
on interest, an additional site visit will be scheduled for
August 14, 2013.  These site visits are concurrent to the
one-on-one meetings.  Suppliers will only be given the
opportunity to attend one of the two site visits at Chalk River
Laboratories.  In addition, suppliers are also invited to
participate in a site visit to Whiteshell Laboratories,
scheduled for July 29, 2013.  Moreover, for those suppliers who
attended site visits during the RFEOI process, the format and
site access granted is expected to be similar.  These visits are
not mandatory for participating in any future solicitation.
7.2.	To participate in the site visit suppliers must register by
completing the form located at: and follow the
instructions therein.
7.3.	Registration for each participant for the Whiteshell visit
is required by 4:00 P.M. July 22nd, 2013 and only those that are
registered may attend.  Registration for each participant for
the Chalk River Laboratories visit is required by 4:00 P.M.
August 2nd, 2013 and only those that are registered may attend. 
For Suppliers who register after the registration date, Canada
does not guarantee site access.   For the Chalk River
Laboratories visit, Suppliers are asked to indicate the area of
interest on the form: Decommissioning & Waste Management /
Environmental Stewardship; Engineering & Infrastructure, Science
& Technology / Innovation.

7.4.	Registration for each site visit is limited to a maximum of
3 representatives per organization.  Suppliers may choose to
arrive in Ottawa, ON the day before a visit to Chalk River
Laboratories and to arrive in Winnipeg, MB the day before a
visit to Whiteshell Laboratories, as the sites are located
approximately 2 hours from the respective cities. Suppliers are
required to make their own arrangements to arrive at the sites. 
Access will only be granted to suppliers who register and whose
representatives receive the necessary approval to participate in
the site visits.  Visits will begin at approximately 9:30 A.M.
on the scheduled days. These visits should last a full day. 
Details on the logistics will be provided to suppliers whose
registration is confirmed.

7.5.	The site visit will be conducted for all interested
suppliers at the same time and the group will be escorted by
Canada's representative(s) who will facilitate access to the
site but will not provide answers to questions on the
procurement process.

8.	Security Requirements for Information Access

During the RFI stage, access will be provided only to
unclassified documents through the use of an online data
depository (virtual data room).  Details for accessing this
information are located in Appendix C.  There is no security
requirement for this RFI; however, there is a possibility of
security requirement at the time of a future RFRE should one be
Suppliers whose organizations currently do not hold a valid
Designated Organization Screening (DOS), issued by the Canadian
Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) of PWGSC, at a level of
information of SECRET are encouraged to initiate the security
clearance process immediately to meet any potential future
security requirements by requesting sponsorship from the
Contracting Authority by e-mail at the address provided.

It is the responsibility of the respondents to ensure that the
information required concerning the security clearance is
provided on time to either the requesting authority or the CISD

Closing Date

Responses to this RFI will be accepted until 02:00 PM Eastern
Daylight Time on August 23, 2013. 

Contracting Authority 

Patrick O'Sullivan
Supply Team Leader
AECL Restructuring Project Directorate
Acquisitions Branch
Public Works and Government Services Canada

Delivery Date: Above-mentioned

The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

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