Micro Weather Sensor Kits (W6399-19KF79/A)

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2019/10/29 14:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


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Public Works and Government Services Canada
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Department of National Defence

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Courteau, Robert
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(343) 550-1614 ( )
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L'Esplanade Laurier
140 O'Connor Street,
East Tower, 7th Floor
K1A 0S5

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Trade Agreement: CETA / WTO-AGP / CPTPP / NAFTA / CFTA / FTAs with Peru / Colombia / Panama / Korea
Tendering Procedures: All interested suppliers may submit a bid
Competitive Procurement Strategy: Lowest/Lower Bid
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No
Nature of Requirements: 

Micro Weather Sensor Kits

Courteau, Robert
Telephone No. - (343) 550-1614 

1. Background

DND personnel may need to conduct operations which require monitoring and reporting weather data such as wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity (dew point), pressure and precipitation. Current, state-of-the-art Micro Weather Sensor systems available will enable accurate weather forecasting in areas of operation at a fraction of the cost and size of existing DND tactical weather monitoring systems.

2.1  Operational Performance Requirements

The MWS must:

a. Be an integrated system that includes:

(1) Metrological data collection module;

(a) Temperature sensor(s);

(b) Humidity sensor(s);
(c) Barometric sensor(s);

(d) Anemometer(s); and,

(e) Ceilometer(s). 

(2) Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver;

(3) Compass;

(4) Iridium Global Communication system; 

(5) Camera(s);

(6) Power System; and,

(7) Battery management system.

b. Time-synchronize and globally locate itself;

c. Remotely transmit selected data to a command site without geographical and time-of-day restrictions; and,

d. Permit decontamination via washing with mild detergent up to and including the use of commercial bleach (10%).

2.2 Technical Requirements

2.2.1 General

MWS must have the following features:
a. Perform the following meteorological functions:

(1) Measure temperature, pressure and humidity;

(2) Measure wind speed and direction;

(3) Measure wind gust speed and direction;

(4) Measure precipitation type and rate;

(5) Measure visibility and cloud height;

(6) Measure lightning distance and frequency; and,

(7) Determine GPS location, compass orientation and elevation from sea level.

b. Include, but not be limited to, the following sampling intervals:

(1) 0.1 Hz sampling for all variables in para 2.2.1.a;

(2) Wind gusts measured as maximum velocity over 10-minute interval;

(3) Collects ten seconds of data for all variables, per minute; and,

(4) Sends complete data, as per items (1) to (3), once every 10 minutes via SATCOM link (section e) below).
c. Have camera field of view of 360o.

d. Communications and Connectivity:
(1) Include an internal Iridium SATCOM modem and link, which must include the following;
(a) Iridium Short burst messages / email messages;

(b) Units must be Defence Information System Agency (DISA) enabled;

(c) The Frequency Range must be within 1616 to 1626 MHz and,

(d) The Iridium SATCOM connectivity must be able to be turned off.
(2) Include a low-voltage RS-232 port;

(3) Include two (2) M8 connector sockets for laptop connectivity; and,

(4) Not include any other wireless data transfer means (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared).
e. Include user-adjustable modes to allow the following information to be recorded;
(1) Time;

(2) GPS location; and,

(3) The various meteorological conditions referenced in 2.2.1 a.
f. Meet the following environmental and ruggedization requirements:
(1) Operating temperature: - 40 to +60o C, or better;

(2) Operating humidity: 0 to 100%;

(3) Operate in conditions of rain, fog and snow;

(4) Operate in conditions of blowing sand; and,

(5) Survive a 1m drop (or higher) onto a hard surface without damage, while in transportation configuration.

2.2.2 Software

The MWS software must:
a. Come equipped with laptop RX Software/Server software;

b. Have a Graphical User Interface;

c. Display all sensor data on one page; 

d. Allow access to the raw data input string;

e. Have selectable download time-points and information selections; 

f. Allow GPS location to be added to archival data, if GPS information is not transmitted from the device;

g. Be compatible with the Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating systems;

h. Allow user updates of the operating system and installed applications; 

i. Permit replay of internally-stored data for user-defined interval of time; and,

j. Have an automated self-diagnostic and performance verification system with automated error correction and notification of error conditions.

2.2.3 Power

The MWS must:
a. Function without external power, using:

(1) Battery packs; and,

(2) Solar arrays.

b. Contain at least one (1) recharging port; and,

c. Operate on battery power alone for at least 72 hours at 20°C.

2.2.4 Markings

The MWS kit complete must have an external identification permanently marked on the case or on a plate affixed to the case as follows:

a. Kit Nomenclature

b. Manufacturers Part Number;

c. Serial Number; and,

d. Date of Manufacture.

2.2.5 Mounting

The MWS must include the following mounting systems:

a. A collapsible tripod, with the following features:
(1) Extends to a height of at least 3m; 

(2) Supports the weight of the MWS;

(3) Be deployable on any flat terrain; and,

(4) Remain stable and fully functional on a 30o incline or side slope, with the MWS sensor mounted, without tipping over.
b. A collapsible mast, with the following features:
(1) Extends to a height of at least 1m; and,

(2) Equipped with stakes and cables or cords for mast stability.

2.2.6 Coloring
The MWS, tripod and mast all must be one of the following colours for its main components;
(a) Tan;

(b) Brown;

(c) Black.

2.2.7 Volume

The MWS, tripod and mast, in operational configuration, all must fit into a backpack of interior dimensions of 12” wide X 8” deep X 18” high. 

2.2.8 Carrying Case
The carrying case for the MWS sensor:

a. Must be made of rigid plastic or aluminum;

b. Must be waterproof IAW IP65; and

c. Must secure and/or pad the components to prevent damage to the MWS sensor and its ancillary equipment during transport.

2.3 Kit Configuration

The MWS kit must include the following:
a. Sensor, compliant with all requirements described in sections 2.1, 2.2.1 to 2.2.4, 2.2.6, and 2.2.7;

b. Tripod, compliant with requirements listed in section 2.2.5 a, 2.2.6, and 2.2.7;

c. Mast, compliant with requirements listed in section 2.2.5 b, 2.2.6, and 2.2.7;

d. Miscellaneous cables and connectors, as required for system set-up and operation in compliance with all requirements described in the preceding sections;

e. User and maintenance manual(s);

f. Hard shell transportation case for the MWS sensor, compliant with requirements listed in 2.2.8;

g. Accessory bag for transportation of tripod; and,

h. Accessory bag for transportation of mast. 

**More information to be found in solicitation documents.**

Delivery Date: Above-mentioned

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