Naval Large Tugs (W8472-185713/B)

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2018/10/31 14:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


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Region of delivery
British Columbia, Nova Scotia
Notice type
Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP)
Trade agreement
  • Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)
Tendering procedure
All interested suppliers may submit a bid
Competitive procurement strategy
Best Overall Proposal
Procurement entity
Public Works and Government Services Canada
End user entity
Department of National Defence

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Contact name
Lamothe, Brenda
Contact email
Contact phone
(819) 420-2916 ( )
Contact fax
( ) -
Contact address
11 Laurier St. / 11, rue Laurier
6C2, Place du Portage
K1A 0S5

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Trade Agreement: Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)
Tendering Procedures: All interested suppliers may submit a bid
Competitive Procurement Strategy: Best Overall  Proposal
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No
Nature of Requirements: 

Naval Large Tugs

Lamothe, Brenda
Telephone No. - (819) 420-2916 

Amendment #3 is raised to amend the bid closing date from August 30th, 2018 to October 31st, 2018,and to post the French version CFTO-D-01-400-001/SG-001 only.

Amendment #2 is raised to post the following technical documents:
C-03-001-024/MS-006 The Production of Stability Books for Canadian Forces Surface Ships;
D-01-400-001/SG-000 Engineering Drawing Practices;
D-01-400-002/SF-000 Levels of Engineering Drawings; and
D-03-003-024/SG-001 Work Breakdown Structure for Canadian Forces Ships and Submarines.

Amendment #1 is raised to change the title on the Request for Proposal document from "Naval Large Tugs Request for info" to "Naval Large Tugs".

Nature of Requirements

The Department of National Defence (DND) has a requirement to replace the Royal Canadian Navys (RCNs) five Glen-class tugs and two Fire-class fireboats with four Naval Large Tugs (NLTs). The procurement strategy is to award a single contract for the design and construction of four commercial-off-the-shelf tugs through a competitive process on 

Two tugs will be delivered to Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Esquimalt in British Columbia and the other two tugs will be delivered to CFB Halifax in Nova Scotia.

DND is seeking to acquire four NLTs of a proven, in-service, commercial off-the-shelf design.  The primary mission of the new NLTs will be to provide a platform to conduct moves of larger RCN vessels, along with providing towing and afloat firefighting capability, in the harbors on both coasts. Each new vessel is expected to have a minimum 25-year life expectancy.  In addition, as part of this procurement, DND will also acquire the necessary technical data packages, operator and maintenance training, and two years worth of spare parts for each vessel.  

This procurement is only subject to the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) as it is exempt from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in accordance with Annex 1001.2b, Schedule of Canada, General Note 1(a) and the World Trade Organization-Agreement on Government Procurement (WTO-AGP) in accordance with Appendix 1, Annex 4, Note 4.

This procurement falls under the small vessel construction component of the National Shipbuilding     Strategy (NSS), whereby the requirement will be competed to Canadian Industry.

The requirement is not subject to the Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements, as none of the locations where services are to be provided are located within a Land Claims Settlement Area. 
A portion of this procurement (1%) is set-aside under the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business to include a mandatory Aboriginal Participation Component (APC). Bidders will need to agree, through a certification included in the RFP, that at least 1% of the total estimated cost of the contract will be subcontracted to Indigenous businesses.

The Canadian Content Policy will not apply as Shipbuilding and Repair is exempt.

The Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) has an economic leveraging approach that will be included as part of the contracts Terms and Conditions to safeguard Canadian socio-economic benefits.  

The sourcing strategy related to this procurement is that all interested suppliers may submit a bid. 

In order to be considered compliant, bidders must meet all the Mandatory Requirements and also obtain the required minimum points for each of the point-rated technical evaluation criteria of the Request for Proposal. 

The responsive bid with the highest combined rating of technical merit and price will be recommended for award of a contract.

Canada retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

Delivery Date: Above-mentioned

The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

Access and terms of use

Government of Canada (GC) tender notices and awards, solicitation documents and tender attachments are available free of charge and without registration on, the authoritative location for GC tenders.

You may have received this tender notice or award through a third-party distributor. The Government of Canada is not responsible for any tender notices and/or related documents and attachments not accessed directly through

This Government of Canada tender notice or tender award carries an Open Government Licence - Canada that governs its use. Related solicitation documents and/or tender attachments are copyright protected. Please refer to the section about Commercial Reproduction in the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Solicitation Documents

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ABES.PROD.PW__MC.B017.E26882.EBSU023.PDF023English- 2018-10-19
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